Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Are Soooo Brooteflu, To Me.

It's almost the end of March. It is Spring. It is supposed to be about 8-10 degrees out at this time of year but, right now, it is snowing outside our window. It has been snowing for-ever. I've had enough of it, thanks. I think Maddie has, too. This is the little drawing she did tonight after dinner and this is her view out the window.

I can't wait to see the sun again. I kind of remember what it looks like and I seem to recall that a sky can actually be blue, but that memory is getting fuzzy.

In other news...

Maddie also announced that she is now creating her own blog. Here is the first entry. It is all about her. In case you can't make it all out it says - I am pleasant, I am smart, I am friendly, I am quiet, I am kind, I am creative, I am beautiful. She wrote all those words out herself. Pretty good, I think. When I was five I was just learning how to print my name - not sounding out all kinds of words. I'm impressed. And, again, there's that self-confidence! I wonder when the world will come along and try to beat that out of her. Hopefully never. I suppose, as she gets older, she will need to become a little less vocal about just how great she actually is but I hope she will always know it.
And, I know, I'll never stop telling her.


Leah said...

I LOVE IT! My five year old (very soon to be six!) is writing up a storm lately, in the same phonetic style and it's soooo fun! I'm tickled pink everytime she writes me a little something (even when it was "yer a weerdo mama" LOL!). It's so fun and amazing to watch all the reading/writing skills coming together and how much of the world is suddenly opened up to them!

I'll bet your little princess really IS brooteflu. And smrt and funee, too! *grin*

Enjoy those little notes and blog entries!

Leah said...

(oops, now I think I think I posted that twice... feel free to delete the extras, and this one!!!)