Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Family Traditions

The Easter Bunny knows Mommy has to work all weekend so he was kind enough to postpone his visit to our house for a time when we could actually all spend it together: thus, Easter came a couple of days late over here. We did have a big family dinner on the weekend, and the girls got to go on an egg hunt with their cousins at Grandma's place, so that was okay. But, there's nothing like watching the girls' eyes light up when they see Mr. Easter Bunny's footprints all over the house. This is a family tradition handed down from my Mom. When I woke up on Easter morning as a child and saw those little bunny footprints on the carpet that smelled so sweet...kinda like baby powder...I knew the Easter Bunny had really been to our house. It was so fantastic. It was like seeing the glass of milk gone and a couple bites out of the cookies on Christmas morning: proof positive that Santa had been there. This is one of the great parts of parent-hood - remembering what it was like to be so innocent and seeing that sense of wonder and joy on your children's faces. Priceless.

Thank-you Easter Bunny.

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Shan said...

Well I never thought about bunny prints! Love the pictures.