Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tastes Just Like Chicken.


This blog has been pretty boring lately, huh?

Well, what can I say? It's been busy. That, and I've been feeling a bit un-creative, I guess. Part of the problem is that both of my wee ones got sick over the March Break. This made doing anything fun or exciting pretty impossible so we promised them we'd do some fun stuff last week. Probably the most fun adventure was going to the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. I just love it in there. Jamie refers to it not as the "Butterfly Conservatory", but as "Jamaica!" It feels like Jamaica in there. Nice and warm and nice and humid. Just wish I could have brought a book and had waiters serving me "Island Mystics" while I was at this Jamaica. But, still, it was lots of fun. If you are looking for something cool to do on a little day-trip with the kiddies this is a good choice. One word of warning: do not allow any pictures of yourself to be taken. You will not look good. Trust me on that one.

We also made it out to The Book Depot in St. Catharine's. The girls always like going there because there is a huge kids' section and they always get to pick out a couple of books to bring home. Also, there is a cute little toy train that circles around the whole kids' books section. It was off when we got there, but the man who works at the store turned it on for the girls when we arrived. That was nice of him because, really, seeing the train is Jamie's favourite part. She's a bit of a tomboy, that one.

Speaking of tomboy - we also took Jamie hockey skating last week. Can I tell you how adorable she looks out on the ice in her little hockey helmet and black skates? When I was little girls wore white (figure) skates and boys wore black (hockey) skates and that was that. Now, I guess, you have to decide which type of skates your daughter is going to learn on. I suppose after watching me try to learn how to stop with hockey skates on, Dave decided the girls would be learning with the black skates. I learned with the white ones and to stop I would just drag my toe and the picks would stop me. Now with the black skates there is no pick on the toes. You don't want to try dragging your toe to stop with hockey skates. Trust me on that one, too. You tend to just go ass over tea-kettle if you do that. I wish I could do the cool, swooshy, side-stop that the boys do but, much like driving a stick, its one of those things that I just seem completely incapable of learning. Jamie will do much better than I. Stupid picks.

What else?

ahh, yes, Easter!

We had a lovely Easter dinner with the outlaws on Saturday and I even had a nice new hair-do for the occasion. Of course, that hairdo cost 250 bucks, three hours of my life, and a really nummy, I am sure, dessert with my cyber-friend The Fairy Blogmother. But, really, my hair was getting so long and scraggly that even hubby was telling me to get it cut. You know it's bad when. He likes to say, "You know, you aren't exactly a 25-year-old anymore. Don't you think it's time you got your hair cut?" I won't tell you what I like to say to him.

maybe it's these cutie-pie cakes that reignited my creative spirit. I made them to bring to the Easter dinner. Aren't they cute? Well, you can only see one in the picture. His friend is off to the side. They had little tails and everything! We felt awfully weird about cutting them up. I will say...I never ate rabbit before...but this one was pretty sweet!

Happy Easter!

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Shan said...

Oh my gosh those bunnies are so cute. Great job.

Cyber friend... ha! You're funny. You know I can see you from here. Well if I get up and go out to the kitchen *and* peer through Karen's trees.