Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project: The Cupboard from Hell.

Some people have a junk drawer. I have a junk cupboard.

I wanted to clean this out today: that was going to be my project/horrible undertaking of the week. But, thanks to yet another snow-storm last night I've been busy trying to keep the girlies occupied today instead. We made a trip out to the library and they played in there for a long time. Then, they each got to pick out one book and one movie. Maddie choose "Monsters, Inc." and Jamie choose "The Incredibles". Of course, we actually have both of these movies (in that junk cupboard somewhere) but I think they were both scratched up by Jamie as a baby, anyway. I really need to go through all those old movies and see which ones still work and which ones can be trashed. It's not good to keep all this junk around. Very bad Chi.

So, it will be my project tomorrow. Think I can get it done in one day? There is a lot of stuff in there (including our old junk drawer. Ya, embarrassing. We tossed it up there the other day when we were ripping apart our kitchen which is also getting updated). I have decided that when I get it done my reward will be a "scrapbook supplies shopping spree". Well, maybe not a spree, but I will go get enough stuff to at least start something with all those hundreds of photos that are up in that cupboard. But, I will put it away in a highly organized manner. Promise.

I'll post pictures of the new improved cupboard when I'm done.

You can keep me honest.

Oh, and Jamie is feeling much better now! Back to her old happy self. :0)

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Shan said...

You're a brave girl putting your junk closet up on the internet. So glad to see Jamie's feeling better. She is just the cutest thing ever.