Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That's My Girl!

I found this today while Maddie was at school. It is a fun little activity that she did with her Dad while I was at work. There is a list of words and the idea was for her to print the name of a friend beside each word that she thinks best describes that friend. Did ya' notice which "friend" she feels is the most "creative"?

Gotta love the self-confidence!

I think she is pretty creative, too. And, I hope she always will be.


Shan said...

Oh my, that is just the perfect Maddie picture. Love it.

I loved seeing who she picked for what. That Derek is a popular boy, isn't he? And her thinking Abby is smart... that was a total awwwww moment for me. So glad you shared this.

Storm said...

Kudos to Maddie.