Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Oprah, Now This!!

So, this may (or may not...) be a bit of a sad post.


's the deal.
I go back to work in less than two weeks (half-time as a R.V.T.). I am also starting my photo biz in about two weeks (I have an ad coming out in a local baby expo...so I'll be goin' public. For Real Life. So scary). I am also taking this great course over at Big Picture Scrapbooking which is showing me a great way to get all my gabillions of photos (paper and digital) organized so that I can actually start scrapbooking them. That course is a LOT of work, though. And, when it is over I actually want to start, you know, scrapbooking.

This blog has served as a sweet little on-line scrapbook of me and my family for the past couple of years...but, you know, if I am forced to pick one form of scrapbooking over an other (due to time constraints)...I just think my family would prefer the kind they can actually touch.

Also, with the photo biz starting up I will have to start showing my poor photo blog some love (i.e. actually post something in it once in awhile).

Plus, there is the fact that I am still a Mom to three little girls and I really need to have time left over for them...and my home...and my hubby.

Somethings gotta' give.

Do you see where this is going?

Yes...I think this may have to be about it for The Mommy Project.
Oh, my tummy just flipped a little as a typed that. I feel like I am giving up a part of myself. But, truly, I just don't think I can fit it all in. I think, what will happen, is that I will never have time to blog here and it will just get all sad and kinda' pathetic when my last blog entry becomes one that I did 2 months ago. Then, out of guilt, I will post something else. Woo. How exciting. Who is gonna' want to keep coming here for that.

So, let this not be Good-bye...dear, sweet, readers (and you know who you are, The Fairy Blogmother, and Widney Woman and Mami Picture...ha ha!)...
for you can still catch-up with me on Twitter, and Facebook, and my Photoblog (which is gonna' start being the happenin' place to be...with improved photography, to boot. Oh! I still love you iPhone camera!! Really, I do. But printing your pics bigger than about 4x4 isn't really that swell.

for now...
I'll just say
So Long...
and thanks for all this fish.

{Please come follow me on my Photoblog! I'll miss you if you don't!!!}

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Family Day: Family Date.

With an extra chair pulled up this year.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Breakfast in bed!

Complete with Halls that Jamie peeled and fed to me.

{Dear Mom I hope you fel gud today}.

and a card from the hubs, too!!

I hope your day is as sweet as mine.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Snapshot

"Feet, revisited".
By Jamie, age 5.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

And, How Have You Been?

I'm sick.

I think I got sick about 4 days ago. I'm not sure. It's a bit of a blur. I think I just have the flu, but I also can't hear out of my left ear...but I can hear the constant ringing and, occasionally, my heart beat in that ear. Does that happen with the flu? Two nights in a row I've been woken up by the pain in my ear. I haven't had an ear ache since I was a kid. It sucks.

Yesterday my bestie from the States was up for a visit. I so wanted to go see her. I even got a shower and straightened my hair in hopes I could force myself to feel better. It just didn't work. But, at least my hair is cute.

The rest of me looks like I feel.

So...hopefully this will be over soon so I can start enjoying the last 3 weeks I have before I go back to work. Or, maybe my body is just trying to kill me so that never happens.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Kissy, Kissy! @iheartfaces

Can you believe I have finally managed to enter a photo into the I Heart Faces photo challenge this week?

I know. It's a miracle! ;-)

Please click here to check out the mushy-sweetness


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Snapshot

By Jamie, age 5.

{I know it is actually Sunday, but my BlogPress wasn't working for the last two days!}

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Throwdown: Bliss!

Oh dear! What with my "Library of Memories" course starting up, and my continuing work on my website, I completely forgot about the Thursday Throwdown! But, they do tie in to one another (at least they do for me. At least partially).

So, here is this week's Thursday Throwdown (one day late):

Find your bliss...and follow it.

What is it that makes you really happy? What is the one thing that you would be willing to get up early to do? Or, what is the one thing that you don't even mind staying up into the wee hours to get done? What makes you happy? What makes you feel alive and purposeful? What helps to make you You?

Now...what are you going to do This Year to give that one thing a bigger, more important part of your life?

That's it.

Just think about it...
and once you know the answer, leave me a comment about it or a link to your blog post about it...
Because I want to know.

Life is Short.

How are you going to follow your bliss?

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zen and the Art of Scrapbooking.

Oh my gawsh! My Library of Memories Class with Stacy Julian has started today!! I am so excited, but I am also a little worried because 1) I have not finished my website yet (and what I've got done so far looks much better on my computer than it does on my MIL's computer...which leaves me very worried about how good, or bad, it actually does look) 2) The first assignment is, very basically, to label "all your previous scrapbook pages" 3) I don't have any "previous scrapbook pages" 4) I go back to work in one month. Will I be able to get all this stuff done? Be a Mommy to 3 little girls, start up a photography business, start scrapbooking and organize our family's history of photos, and work?

Well...I've really been trying to just Zen-out on all of this. This moment is the only one that matters. Focus on right now. And all of that...

So, I think I'll go find some pretty paper and decorate my Library of Memories "Portable Office".

Please wish me luck on all of the above. Or, good karma...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Meatless Monday: Easy-Peasy Burrito.

Meatless Monday!

I am supposed to be working on my photography website right now, but I forgot to post for MM last week so I didn't want to miss it again. This will just have to be quick! But, that's okay...because it is a quick and super easy-peasy recipe idea for eating without meat.

Refried Bean Burrito! 

When I was a vegetarian the first time around (before I had kids) I lived off of Harvey's veggie burgers, sour cream and onion potato chips, and Taco Bell Burritos. Nice, huh? (sigh). I tell you, though, I really did love those burritos...so here is how to make one, yourself.

Just get a can of black beans (do yourself a favour and buy from "Eden Organic"!! Their beans have no salt added and their cans are BPA free). {Thanks for caring Eden Organic company. I Heart You}.

Okay...put a wee bit of olive oil in the bottom of a sauce pan and heat up some chopped onion until soft. Throw some garlic in there, too, why dontcha? Now, open up your can of beans (drain and rinse) and throw them in there. Add a little water or, hey, even some veggie stock if you have some around (just enough to keep things from sticking) and warm your beans through. Now, open up a can of tomatos and roughly cut them up (always buy whole tomatoes and cut them yourself as required...they were only "cooked once" so their flavour is always better). Add those to your beans (I added about half a can). Now, what kind of spices do you like? We want this to be a little hot 'n spicy, no? You can add a bit of cumin powder and some cayenne for heat or even some chili powder. You may even want to add some hot sauce if you have it and, as always, a touch of salt and pepper. Taste, taste, taste. Does it need more of anything? Throw it in. Now grab your potato masher and take out all your frustrations on the stuff in the pot. Turn it into a nice mushy-mush.

Now, do you have any left over rice? Great! Throw that in there, too. What about cilantro? Are you a fan? I sure am! Chop that up fairly well and throw that in.

I love preparing meals that involve "throwing stuff in". Can you tell?

warm up your whole grain tortilla wrap between a couple of paper towels in the micro for just about 10 seconds and then top with your beans. Add a bit of sour cream or even plain yogurt (if your aren't vegan) and then put a bit of chopped lettuce and salsa on top, too. I even added some strips of red pepper for extra colour and crunch. Wrap 'er all up and you are good to go!

So easy. So yummy.

I love these!

Need more cool veg. ideas? Check out How it all Vegan. It's where I got the ideas for this delicious Meatless Monday!

See ya' next week!
p.s. I can't find the spell check in blogger anymore. So, sorrie for any missteaks.