Sunday, March 9, 2008

What are YOU into this month?

What am *I* into this month?

How great of you to ask! Here are my answers (boy...the writing is just *riveting* isn't it? This is why you should not create blog entries when tired. Unless you have gone right passed tired into over-tired and giddy. That's pretty fun, usually). Oh, wait. Is this what I was into last month, or what I will be into this month? Or, is it more just "what's goin' on, lately?" I'm so confused. And, can someone explain "Mr. Linky" to me? Any relationship to "Slinky" from Toy Story?

What were we talking about?

The Thing I've been Working on the Most: Well, generally, I'd say the thing I've been working on the most is trying to learn all about the ancient art of "Scrapbooking". I've read many books, many magazines, and many websites with their corresponding forums. I'm trying to learn everything there is to know before I go out and spend $300 on all the stuff, as it will turn out, I didn't actually need. Once I am a complete expert...then I will try a page.

TV Show I Used to Love but Now Hate and Refuse to Ever Watch Again: Big Brother. How sad. Why did they go and put it on in the winter? Was it due to the writer's strike? All the big t.v. execs thought, "Well, hey, why don't we just shove Big Brother up on the air again? That would be easy enough"? And, they didn't have enough time to scrounge up some interesting contestants or a less moronic theme? Sure doesn't compare to the days of Sloshy. Ah well.

TV Show I Sometimes Hate But Really Like this Year: Well, I never actually hated it but I guess I used to think he was a bit too mean...Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Now I think he is probably a really nice guy and "Are you taking a pi**?" is one of my favourite new sayings.

The CD I Can't Stop Listening To: The soundtrack for the T.V. show "Rescue Me". I love that show, and I love the music. They should put out another C.D. soon: mine is getting worn out. Never mind 'bout a new episode. "The best actor playing the best character in the best show" USA Today. I think my favourite song is "Fell on Bad Days" by Rubyhorse.

My favourite Blog Entry this Month: Peas and Carrots (what can I say? they're just so cute).

Blog I am Always Visiting: Tales from the Fairyblogmother. It has become part of my morning routine...a cup of Timmies and a Slice of Life.

What I am Most Looking Forward to Next Month: Possibilities. ;-)


Shan said...

That is exactly why they put big brother on in the winter. Most of my BB watching friends are feeling the same way you are. I have been watching it, but I have to admit I'm enjoying it more now that they aren't playing as couples.

Storm said...

Nice to meet you. I found your blog via I'll be back to read more. Happy blogging!