Friday, April 3, 2009

Fooled Ya'!!

another quick one here. I may have just a moment to share with you the evil April Fools joke I pulled on my poor little girls.

Hey Girls! We're having cupcakes for dinner!

(Cupcakes were really little Shepherd's Pies with coloured mashed potatoes on top to look like icing. Jamie took a bite and said, "Mommy, these cupcakes are icky". Once I explained that they weren't really cupcakes, but meat and potatoes she was able to eat them but, boy, was she mad at me. "You tricked me!" she said while giving me her best scowly face. I was killing myself laughing. Mean Mommy!!)

Okay, I'll make it up to you! You can have spaghetti with meatballs for dessert.

These were really mini-angel food cakes with icing for spaghetti, and jam for the sauce, and little round chocolates for the meatballs.

The girls thought that was a much better trick.


Lexi said...

I love the cupcakes/shepherd's pie. Must file for future reference!


Great job!!! I'm going to copy those ideas!!

Shan said...

Very cute! I didn't get around to doing anything this year. Well besides telling Abby that Mike was going to dye his hair pink.

Kaci said...

How funny!! :)