Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knowing Me - Knowing You / The April Edition.

Time again for the monthly interview project started by Shan over at Tales from the Fairy Blogmother. Here are my answers, and once you've done your own be sure to head over to Shan's blog and sign Mr. Linky so we can all see them.

1. Who does the grocery shopping in your family? That depends on the time of year. In the summer (when Dave is working more) it is usually me. In the winter (when Dave is working less) it is usually Dave. Sometimes we even go wild and head out together. Getting the grocery shopping organized (like, with a plan and a list) is one of those things I keep thinking I'm going to do. One of these days. I'll probably get to that about the same time as when I come up with a proper, working, system for all the laundry.

2. Are you watching American Idol? If so, who are you picking to win it? Yes. I have watched most of the seasons of AI. The best year was the one when Taylor Hicks won. I just loved watching Taylor. He was so much fun. Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! And, this year, I'm picking Danny to win. I know Adam has a lot of fans, but I just prefer the sound of Danny's voice. I also prefer a man who wears less make-up than I do. But, that's just me...

3. What is your favourite type of fruit? Hmmm... I love fruit, so that is a tough one. I'd probably have to say bananas because I eat them every day. I love my Balkan-style plain yogurt with just a touch of honey and a banana chopped up inside. Then again I also love some good watermelon in the summer, and nice, tasty, grapes, oh...and fresh plums and good. I also love me some cantaloupe or honeydew cut in half, seeds scraped out (to make a bowl), and filled with vanilla ice-cream. drool.

4. Are you a night owl or a morning person? Let's see...what does Dave's caller I.D. say when I call him? Oh ya, "Night Owl". Well, I guess if that is my nickname it's probably safe to say I am a confirmed creature of the night. I hate mornings. I can't seem to ever open my right eye until I've been awake for a good 10 minutes. I cannot speak until I've had some coffee. And, I don't find Dave skipping around and singing the least bit entertaining at any time before 9 am. And, yes, Dave is a morning person. Should make for an interesting ever after.

5. Speaking of bed -- when you're sleeping do you have your socks on or do you take them off? Well, I wouldn't wear socks that I've had on my feet all day to bed. That is just icky. But, sometimes I will wear socks that I've just put on into bed to keep my tootsies warm. We turn the heat down really low at night (like, 61 degrees) so when I first get into bed it is super cold. But, then the duvet, the man, and the baby heat things up so I usually wake up and pull them off at some point during the night.

And that's it for this month! Thanks Shan.

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Kaci said...

I loved Taylor Hicks too!!! :) Great getting to know you better. XOXO