Monday, March 30, 2009

Fit Mommy Monday - Get Ripped

Just time for a very quick check-in here...the baby is starting to make her little, squeaky, elephant noises so I know I have about 30 seconds.

I had my post-baby doctors appointment last Wednesday. I thought they were just going to have a look at my incision, ask me how I was feeling, and send me on my way. No. Not so lucky. It was a stirrups kind of a day. Yuck. But, worse than that...they also made me get up on the scale. On my last visit before Nicole was born I was 150. I was 118 before I got pregnant. I was hoping to at least be in the 120's somewhere but, no. No such luck. 132. So, that means I have 14 pounds of pure fat to loose. I asked my doctor how long it normally takes to make it back down to your pre-preggo weight and she, of course, said it totally depends. She asked if I was nursing (yes) and said that usually helps women to loose it fast. She, for example, was 10 pounds LESS than her pre-preggo weight at her 6 weeks post visit. UGH. I don't think I like her very much anymore {Just Kidding}. So, anyway, that means I have 14 pounds to go. Seven pounds from each I have so many pairs of pants that I can't even get passed my thighs, let alone do up!

So, after that sad visit I've upped the work-outs. No longer satisfying myself with a nice, quick, stroll. I got out the Jari Love, y'all.

Now, this used to be one of my easier work-out tapes back in the day (the day when I could pull up my pants) and I was rather congratulating myself on actually getting through it on my first attempt. The next day...I could barely climb the stairs. My arms hurt, my tummy hurt, and when I crossed my legs just the weight of my one leg on top of my other thigh muscle killed.

I had to give myself a couple of days off to recoup.

But, I got back up on that horse...or exercise and I did it again.

The plan for this week is 3 days more of me and Jari.

Also, I'm going to re-weigh myself when I take the baby back to the doctor's for the second half of her vaccines. I haven't had any junk or any coke all week (except one coke and some ice cream on Sunday. I'm letting that be my free day). I hope I'm under 130 now. Is that possible in a week?
If you are a Mommy trying to get into your pants again, too, please let me know! I need someone to help keep me motivated...especially if that scale isn't going to give me any good news this Wednesday!


Erin said...


Not sure if I've ever really introduced myself before, but I found your blog through the Fairy Blog Mothers and have enjoyed reading it!

I absolutely LOVE the Jari Love videos... they really show results in a quick time frame if you stick with them!

I have been a Mommy trying to get back into shape for over a year now! I lost a lot of baby weight when I was home on mat leave, but am finding it all wants to come back, now that I am at a desk job again!

My secret? I signed myself up to run a 10k race in May.. I what!?! This is actually a secret... I haven't told anyone yet, but I've been working my way through a learn to run program (I've never run a race in my life, or even around the block) and I'm determined I will do it.. so I'll keep you motivated if you can keep me motivated b/c there have been plenty of times where I've wanted to give up!

Take care,

Kaci said...

Wow now her body is slammin! :) You'll get there! I'm still not there and it's been damn near 5 years...sigh.

Mommy Project said...

Wow Erin! Good for you. I wish I could run...but I just can't. I've tried. It fills like all my insides are just crashing around in there when I run. I am totally willing to be your little motivational mommy...if you are mine. :)

Thanks Kaci for the vote of confidence. I need it! The scale at my (other) doctor's office is pure evil. I was on it today...didn't go well. >:-/

Thanks so much for your comments!!!!


If your appointment was in the afternoon, I would totally discount the 132 and tell you the real weight is probably closer to 129. In the 20's!!! Women are supposed to weigh in the morning, right after your first bathroom break and before you eat. Afternoon weighings are null and void!

Mommy Project said...

Ahhh, Mony...thanks for trying! (lol). ;-)
When I took the baby back to the doctor (different doctor/different scale) on Wednesday, it did ~not~ go well. I had pizza and ice cream for dinner last night. :-0

Back on that exercise mat again today, though!