Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday High Five

My Fairy BlogMother always discovers the funnest things. Is "funnest" a word? Anyway, this time it is a little project where you share your list of five things (anything!) on Friday. It is hosted by Angel Eyes Adventures and is aptly named Friday High Five. So, this week I've decided to join them with my first High Five...

My Five Favourite T.v. Shows of All Time:

{Okay, first I have to give a dishonourable mention to "Reality T.V.". I just could not bring myself to put any one particular show on my list as a Top Five, all-time, favourite. That would just be embarrassing. But, at the same time, I just have to admit that I do watch me a lot of reality television. I like American Idol (I even voted for Taylor Hicks). I usually watch Big Brother, and I normally catch Survivor, too. I also like all the similar kind of shows on the Food Network: Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, The Next Food Network Star. So, as sad as it is, I have to give mindless t.v. its props. It's all a bad sorta' way.}

And now onto the shows that really deserve a position on my very first Friday High Five.

5) Friends: I was in my final year of university when this show came out. I'll always remember watching the very first episode and knowing then (as many people did) that, hey, this is going to be a pretty good show. I also thought, hey, who is this Jennifer Anistan girl. She's really good. I thought she stole the show, even though Courtney Cox was the big star at the time. I loved the whole Ross/Rachel storyline (well, I did up until near the end when it just got stupid). "You're over me? When were you, under me?" I still watch it in re-runs and laugh even though I've seen ever episode a gagillion times. And, one day, I hope the "Rachel" hairdo comes back in style so I can get it.

4) Dexter: This is such a good show. Okay, the topic may seem a bit, um, dark, but it is so well written. Ever single episode plays like a season finale and I'm always on the edge of my seat. Michael C. Hall's acting is just incredible. I mean, he has to be good to make such an evil character likable. I even find myself rooting for the guy! Incredible. Did you know that he is married to his sister in real life? Wait--I mean, in real life he is married to the woman who plays his sister on the show. The other way around would be too creepy...even for Dexter.

3) The Sopranos: Here's another show that managed to make it's lead, and quite horrible, character likable. What can I say? Everyone has seen Sopranos, right? So, you already know why it is so good and why it ranks as number three on my list. If not, you really need to go out and rent every episode of it on DVD, take a week's holidays, and watch them all back to back. Because, you will. It's that good. But, why'd they have to kill Adrianna? I really wanted her to end up alive. I wanted her to be his downfall. Ah well. No happy ending for me. No real ending for anyone. Is there more to come?

2) Rescue Me: Since this is my current favourite, and I'm completely obsessed with it, it was hard to give it only the number two spot. The show is fantastic. It's that amazing combination of grab your heart and rip it out of your chest have you bawling in tears drama, with laugh out loud until your sides hurt comedy that I just love. And, firefighters. Rahr. You've just got to love Tommy in all his gear. Again, he is definitely a flawed character but the excellent writing and fantastic acting - both on the part of Denis Leary - give the Tommy Gavin character likability. Lovability, really. Okay, I'll admit it - he is on my other Top Five list (you know...the list of celebrities that you are allowed to be with - if you ever actually had such an opportunity - even though you are currently involved. Like on "Friends". Yah, that list). Plus, the soundtrack is excellent. They make very good use of music to help convey the emotions of the show. I hear Denis listens to tons of songs while driving around in his truck to, personally, pick out the best ones for the show. Well, he does a great job of that, too. The Rescue Me soundtrack is the most played music on my Ipod. Here is my favourite quote about the show, "The best actor, playing the best character, in the best show", U.S.A. Today. That about sums it up.


1) Moonlighting: the only show that could take first place for me. I loved, loved, loved this show when it was out. I thought that Maddie Hayes was the coolest woman ever. She was beautiful, and independent, and smart, and spunky. Plus, she had the most fabulous house. I so wanted to be her when I grew-up. And that whole romance between her and David (Bruce Willis) was done so well. It was funny, and sweet, and touching, and maddening - all at once. Oh, and then there was that whole lover's triangle thing with Maddie, David, and Sam (Mark Harmon). I think Miss Dipesto said it best when she looked at them and sighed, "Hunk Sandwich". Great characters, great writing, another great soundtrack and the only show I know of that did self-referential so well. A classic. And, you can get it on DVD now, too. So, if you missed it the first time around (oh...20 years ago. My GAWD. Time flies!!) you may want to pick it up. You know I did!

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Leah said...

Well, I've seen Friends off of your list, but none of the rest of them! LOL!

Angela said...

I still love friends and laugh like it is the first time everytime! Love it! I loved Moonlighting too when I was younger and I didn't know they played reruns. what channel? I've never heard of Dexter or Rescue Me but I will look them up and check them out to add to my long DVR list! Sad! Have a great weekend and thank you for joining! Hope to see you next Friday!!


I LOVED Moonlighting. Surely we had conversations about this in our formative years? Perhaps this is what drew us to be friends in the first place. Or our mutual friend Christine G. It was all so long ago. My mind is a blur. I never really got into Friends. I think something else must have been on at the same time. Haven't seen the other shows, but I did come to love the Dexter guy when he was on Six Feet Under.