Monday, April 13, 2009

Fit Mommy Monday - Xtreme-ly Outta Shape.

It's Monday morning, that means its time for challenges and check-ins again. I have to say that this week has been a bit hard because 1) Dave brought home two huge bags of potato chips, including my nemesis "Sour Cream and Onion" 2) That darn Easter Rabbit came to our house and dropped chocolates all over the floor. I mean all over!

I've tried to be good. I never got myself a bowl of chips. But, when Dave offered me some - put them right in front of me - well, I'm weak. Weak I tell you! And, I've also had some of those chocolate eggs (but, really, only about 5-ish so that isn't so bad).

I watched Posh Spice being interviewed one time and she was asked if she ever, like, eats a chocolate bar or some cookies and she quickly replied, "No. Never". Jeez. Sucks for her. She's really too skinny, anyway. we go....

Last Week's Goal:

"This week's goal: 3 days of dvd workouts and one fat-burning session on the treadmill."

I did do 3 dvd workouts and the last one was kickboxing so it, i feel, combined both the "dvd" part of the deal with the "fat-burning" part of the deal. I must admit, I did not touch the treadmill. It's downstairs and it was too cold down there. Plus, it's not even plugged in. ;-)

This week's Challenge:
I am so out of shape. The three dvd's I did were Jari Love's "Ripped Slim and Lean"
and Minna Lessig's "Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom"
and Amy Bento's "Kickbox Xtreme".
I didn't realize that the kickboxing one is 80 minutes long and that you are free to stop at any point and go to the cool down so I kept going, and going, and going until Dave pulled back into the driveway (he was gone for one hour and I thought I'd be long since finished by the time he got he could then have the t.v. to watch The Masters). So, that was an hour of kickboxing and I could barely even lift my leg to kick anymore by the end of it. My foot even cramped up!! The weight lifting ones are fine because you can choose your weight. Whatever you can do with proper form, while still exhausting your muscles. But, the, I'm brutal! So, it isn't even about fitting back into my pants anymore...I really need to get into better shape!

So, back to the point..

This week's Challenge:

5 days of work-outs, whatever they may be, including at least 3 cardio sessions!

This is pretty ambitious considering Dave is back to work, I have an ortho. appointment, and little Colie still likes to be held whenever she is awake, so I'll be happy with 3 cardio sessions - but I'm going to try for the 5 days so I can get in some muscle stuff, too.
(No weigh-in to report. I haven't been near a scale).

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Shan said...

I think you're doing awesome. Don't be so hard on yourself!