Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Two Grandmas.

It would seem that Thursdays are an especially busy day around my place. So much so that I haven't been very good about posting my Thankful Thursday posts! I am still very grateful for many, many, things but I just haven't been able to tell you about them. So, I'm going to try out this little "Post date and time" thingy-ma-bobber in blogger and see if I can't get my Thankful Thursday posts out on time, and as regularly scheduled, that way!

{edited to add: well, that didn't work. Seems I switched the "day" and the "month"}

this whole project started as the result of an e-mail I received one day from Wondertime magazine which said:

According to research in "Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier", regularly writing down what you're grateful for can increase your level of happiness by about 25 percent. (So can a chocolate martini, but we couldn't find that in the self-help aisle.)

A 25 percent increase in my own personal happiness?! Sounded good to me. Shan over at Tales from the Fairy Blogmother challenged me to make Thankful Thursday a weekly event but, being the excellent and outstanding (keener) blogger that she is, she has been posting her lists of gratitude far more often that I have. I'm going to try and change that.

So, let's get to it already!

1) I am thankful that the big chunk of change that we laid down for cloth diapers was not in vain. I was really worried that they just would not work out and Dave would have the opportunity to give me the big "I told you so" lecture. But, they are great! They don't leak any more than "landfill diapers" do (in fact, I think they are better), and they are definitely better at handling the big, explosive, kinda' poops. Plus, they are better for the environment. Better for baby's skin. And, most important of all...they are darn cute. {my review on them all will be coming up soon...}

2) I am thankful that it is now April which means winter is gone, baby! I'm not a fan of winter. I do not do well in the cold. At all. There have already been a few really, really, nice days where you could walk around outside in just a light jacket. Love it! Bring on the heat.

3) I am grateful for my sweet baby who is now, consistently, sleeping through the night. I feed her one last time before bed and she is pretty much good to go (to sleep!) until about 6 in the morning. So nice!

4) I am grateful that my mom has agreed to come up on Saturdays (while Dave and the girls are at ballet class) to sit and hold the little, cuddle-bug, Nicole Lily-Pie which allows me a block of a couple of hours to get stuff done around the house. Now, 2 hours per week is not enough to get this place in order (I usually just get all the laundry taken downstairs, clean up the kitchen and one bathroom, clean out bun-bun's cage, and that's about it), but it sure helps. Thanks Mom!

5) I am grateful that Dave's mom loves to take the girls on little outings. They have been many fun places together and it looks like Disney on Ice is becoming one of their regular trips. They've been before, but I'm not sure if they had seats this good! Right by the ice! Way to go Grandma K and thanks!

What are you Thankful for this Thursday?

Please sign Mr. Linky below so we can go check-out your list. I'd be very grateful! ;-)


Shan said...

Grandmas are the best aren't they?

And the scheduling thing is a bit tricky since the date setup is different from the list of posts. On one it's month, day, year and the other it's day, month, year. Very confusing. Glad you got it posted either way:)

Kaci said...

I'm so grateful that El has 3 g-ma's...a great g-ma in the mix.


I'm so glad you have 2 grandma's nearby. That is a major blessing!!