Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The 8-Week Mark.

Little Nicole Lily is 8 weeks old now.
Time for her monthly "car-seat shot"!

{Colie at 2 months, 11 lbs. 4 oz., 22 inches}

{Colie at 1 month, 10 lbs. 15 oz., 21 inches}

{Colie at 3 days, 6 lbs., 9 oz., 21 inches}

It's amazing to see how quickly her face is changing. I look at photos of her on the day she was born and I wonder when she lost that "brand new baby" look. The puffy eyes and the little tiny round face. They change so fast. They grow up so fast. She is 8 weeks old and, already, I'm getting nostalgic.

Other changes...

Well, she has gotten even more nicknames. I'm finding myself calling her "Colie" more now. I just love the name "Lily" so much, but everyone else is calling her "Nicole" or versions there I guess I'm following along. She suits it, though.

Her hair is changing a bit, too. Other than the fact that she is losing some of is also starting to look more red. We've had a couple of people comment on her red hair (although, it looks more red in the sunlight than when she is inside). I'm, of course, loving this because I was a little red-headed baby. Dave calls her "Little Red" (another of her nicknames!).

She is starting to almost sleep through the night now, too. That is a wonderful change for sure! We've had nights when her last feeding was at 1 am and then she has slept all the way to 6 am. Fantastic! She is staying awake longer through the day, too, which is probably helping that whole sleeping-at-night part along.

We are also finding that she is a bit more willing to be by herself for little bits here and there, now. She'll sit in her Papasan swing for long as we put the "Nature" music channel on for her. She likes to listen to the classical music with the sounds of rain, and birds chirping in the background. Not for too long though. She is still one very cuddly baby and she would prefer to be in her Mommy or Daddy's arms 24-7. She won't go to sleep anywhere but on her Daddy's chest at night. That is her absolute favourite spot. She is actually starting to complain now when it gets to be bedtime. Right around ten o'clock she'll start fussing. We'll try feeding her, burping her, walking her around, cuddling her, letting her try to get cozy on Dave's chest in the living room...nope. None of that works. She'll just keep fussing. Not crying - just fussing. So, we take her into the bedroom and Dave lies down on the bed, pulls her up onto his chest, and she lets out a little sigh and is sound asleep in seconds. Dave thinks this is a sign that she will be the hardest of the three kids to move into her own bedroom - because she is so attached to her spot. But, right now, it's just completely adorable.

And another change we are seeing in our little baby these days...we are getting lots of real smiles now!

Those first baby smiles are just the best.

She can melt your heart with one grin.


Shan said...

She is so adorable. I can't believe it's been 8 weeks already.


I am so amazed at how fast they start looking like real little people!!

We started doing the monthly carseat photos but that was forgotten by this point. I'm proud of you for remembering!


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