Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday is back, baby!

Well, I think it's time to get back on track with "Thankful Thursday"! After all...regularly noting the things that you are grateful for can increase your overall happiness by 25%. I have no idea how "they" came up with that figure, but it makes sense to me. So, here are some things that I am Thankful for on this Thursday!

1) High Speed Internet Access!!
Yay!! It seemed like it would never be available to this area (which, in fact, is not so very far out of the way at all - but, still, getting high speed out here just seemed like an impossible task for so long for some reason). When we told the young man working at the store that we were on dial-up and that cost about $20 per month he said, in complete seriousness..."They charge you for that?". So funny. So sad. Dial-up should really be free because it is so horrible to deal with. I am so glad for the high-speed. I can surf around like crazy now and downloading scrapbook papers, etc., no longer takes two days. It's fantastic.

2) My New Laptop Computer.
It is so nice being able to speed around the internet from anywhere in the house! I don't have to go downstairs to the cold, drafty, office anymore. It is really nice down there when we have a fire going, but otherwise it is really just kind of...a basement. Now I can be upstairs, on the couch, in bed...wherever. Incredible. I feel like we've really caught up with the times...finally. That same man that sold us our high-speed access sold us our laptop. When we left the store he smiled and said, "Welcome to the modern ages". Thank-you. Thank-you very much.

3) My Bamboo Graphic Tablet.
Okay, now this is just getting silly! How lucky can one computer-addicted gal get? Davey bought me this little toy as a surprise present. It is the greatest thing. If you haven't seen one, it is like a little pen that "writes" on it's own little tablet. You can use it instead of a mouse to (much more easily) zoom around your computer pages...but more than this you can also use it to write, to draw, to color...etc. This makes it absolutely fantastic for digital scrap booking. I lerve it.

4) The Food Network.
I'm so glad their programming is on all night so that when I am up from 3 am until 4:30 am feeding and burping little baby-one I can at least watch the Iron Chefs battling it out, or Alton Brown explaining all that you can do with a ginger root, or that one young student chef smashing up his place in a drunken rage. It really helps to keep my eyes open while Davey snores away beside me. ;-)

5) Baby-One.
A.K.A. Nicole Lily-Pie. My little sweetie. The one for whom I don't even mind being up from 3 am until 4:30 am . She is such a great baby. She is so cute, and so cuddly, and so good natured. She really doesn't complain much at all - except when she realizes that, Hey, Wait a minute one is holding me...C'mon people...Hold Me. She will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and she has never cried for more than, say, 30 seconds. Just the amount of time it takes us to realize we need to change her, or feed her, or - ya - pick her up. Then she is quiet again. So easy-going! And, yesterday she had another check-up with the doctor and we got to weigh her and find out that she has gone from her 6 lbs., 9.5 oz. birth wait -- to her 6 lbs., 4 oz. discharge weight (they were so concerned about her losing weight...but I knew she'd be fine as soon as we got out of there) -- to her current weight of 10 lbs, 2 oz., which is actually above average now! Yay! Little porker. I knew you'd put on the pounds!

We are very, very, lucky to have her (and all our girls)! So, I'll be thankful for her ~every~ week...but I just had to give her props today, `cuz, y'know...she's new and all.

{Picture taken just moments ago as my little Ten-Pounder heads out the door with Daddy and big sister Jamie for a little truck ride. What does that look mean?? Is she sick of me taking her picture already?? } ;-)

I don't think I'll be able to get Mr. Linky back up today, but if you'd like to raise your level of happiness by 25% then, please, make a list of your own and leave me a comment so I can go see what you are Thankful for on this Thursday.


Shan said...

All awesome things to be thankful for. And what that guy said about dial up was too funny. Seriously it should be free. Loving the high speed. Thanks for telling me about it.

Storm said...

You have lots to be thankful for. Happy TT.