Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Spider Monkey

It's time for Thankful Thursday. I started to list what I was grateful for on Thursdays because of a little newsletter I received by e-mail one day that explained to me...

According to research in Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, regularly writing down what you're grateful for can increase your level of happiness by about 25 percent. (So can a chocolate martini, but we couldn't find that in the self-help aisle.)

So, if you'd like to get happier, too...please feel free to make a little list of your own and let me know about it by signing Mr. Linky below so I can go check it out! Here's mine:

1) Health: I am grateful that the horrible tummy virus (I believe it is norovirus) that is going around these here parts has passed me by (knock wood). My little Jamie James may have gotten it because she came into our bed one night a week or so ago and proceeded to vomit all over our duvet. It is so horrible to watch your kid get sick, isn't it? Such a feeling of helplessness coupled with panic and anticipation as you watch to see if this "thing" is going to get better or worse. Luckily, she quickly got better and when Dave got it next it was relatively mild. I know the Fairy Blogmother has been hit by it at her house and I hope they are all feeling back to normal soon.

2) My Baby Can Still Eat with a Cold: This has always been a big fear of mine - my baby getting a cold while she is nursing. I worry that when she is so stuffed up she won't be able to eat. I mean, how could she? But, luckily, despite the fact that she is all stuffed up it seems that, somehow, every time she goes to eat her sinus passages magically open up. She starts eating and within seconds the little wheezing, I'm trying to suck some air in, sound is gone and she is fine. I think this may be why she has gone back to eating every 2 hours (at the most) all day and all night (zzzzzz) - just so she can breathe and feel better/comforted. But, I won't complain (except to maybe mention that I am so tired) because I am just very grateful that she is still able to eat.

3) Rocky Road Ice Cream: Can you believe I've never tried this before in my life? Dave brought it home from the grocery store and it is so good. Little chunks of nuts and chocolate with chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled together. It looks so pretty and tastes even better. Of course, I was trying to stop with the snacking on junk food every night before I go to bed thing (trying to be a Fit Mama here, Davey, remember?) but since that ice cream came along it's been tough. I may have just put another inch back on my waist. So, I'll have to tell him to stop buying it. But, it is good. And, I will just be grateful to have tried it. lol.

4) My Treadmill: speaking of the above...Yes, I went on that lovely walk last Friday and I felt fantastic for it. But, you know what, the weather turned bitterly cold and viciously windy ever since. I'm sorry, I can't do the cold. I just can't. So, I'm grateful that I do have a lovely treadmill sitting downstairs (covered in dust) that I can use to start getting back in shape. If only I could find the desire to go down and use it.

5) The Promise of Spring: That one nice day last week was really a thrill. How nice to be walking around outside and not freezing your butt off (although, that might be a quicker way to achieve my goal). And, right now, as I sit and gaze out my window, it is a lovely-looking sun-shiny day. Although, the temperature is only 2 degrees with a windchill of probably minus 20...the promise of nicer days is certainly there. You can just feel it. I am very eager for the warmer weather and I promise to get back out there as soon as it comes. In the meantime, I'll try to make the effort to go dust off my treadmill. No, really.

Bonus Thankful Thursday moment: I'm so grateful for these moments when little Lily-Pie does her best impression of a spider monkey on top of her daddy. This is her absolute favourite position to be in. She is so comfy-cozy like this and it is so adorable!


Leah said...

oh that picture melts my heart!!

Glad to hear she's managing to eat despite her cold,and glad to hear the yucky tummy stuff didn't hit your family too hard!!

Anonymous said...

Aww I miss the little inch worm baby cuddles So sweet. :)

Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll play along on Tuesday. Newbies helping each other out.

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

She is so cute!!! :)

I hope her cold clears up. XOXO

Mommy Project said...

Thanks everyone. I think her cold is starting to clear up now (until about 3 days after the other girls start back to school after the March break probably).

I'm in for Tofu Tuesday!