Monday, March 23, 2009

Fit Mommy Monday - The Nasty Fitness Journal.

I found something horrifying. It was downstairs on the bookshelf, just above all my cookbooks. It was a fitness journal I purchased a couple of years ago. My goal at that time was not to loose any weight, but to put on some muscle (and, hopefully, gain a little energy). I took the book down to look at it and much to my chagrin I noticed that I recorded all my measurements in it at the time. So, these are pre-baby measurements. I brought the book upstairs and found my measuring tape. Why did I do that? Ladies - it is not pretty. Not pretty at all. To put it in a nutshell I basically have an extra 5 to 6 inches on all my parts (waist, hips, and thighs). Yes, my chest is bigger, too (nursing) but who is gonna' complain about that, right? What I don't understand is how I could have gained as much girth on *one* thigh as I did on my whole waist! It's really, really, awful. I can even tell you that I almost fell into a pit of despair rather, shockingly, fast. I decided that I can never eat again, and I can never leave the house. I have no clothes that fit, except for my old scrubs, and I am not about to spend a small fortune on new clothes that - Gawd as my witness...will NOT fit me soon!!!!!

But, I'm going to try and not walk past any more full length mirrors for awhile and just keep focused. I've given up all pop (I was drinking 2 or 3 cans of the stuff a day) and I am no longer snacking at night (I was eating ice cream before bed every night...hey, the calcium is good for me...I told myself). I am drinking more water than ever (which isn't saying much...I had two bottles the other day and that was more than I had drank in about the last 2 weeks). Btw, I live on a I kind of have to use bottled water. I do recycle all the bottles, though. There seems to be a big anti-bottled water movement going on right now but I'm not sure what else I can drink.

Also, remember I promised to walk three times last week? Well, I did. And they were pretty hard/fast walks, too. I bought myself a pretty new, pink, pedometer and measured my distance and steps. I did 2 km's each time - in about 2500 steps. My third walk was over very hilly terrain out by Dave's Mom's place and that one really got my heart going.

I have my "6 weeks post" check-up with the doctor this coming Wednesday (yes, it will actually be more like 9 weeks post...which is why I wasn't going to wait for her go-ahead to start moving) and, as much as I hate scales, I'm gonna' hop on there and see where I am at (i.e. torture myself some more).

9 months on, 9 months off? What crazy girl said that? Oh, ya, that was me. Before I tried on my old jeans.

I want my thighs back.

p.s. Goal for this week: three more work-outs - this time including some fitness dvd's. If you are working on some fitness goals of your own, please leave me a comment so I can go check out your blog and, maybe, we can commiserate together!

p.p.s. The above picture is actually me this time and I must tell you it does not do justice to the actual situation. I don't know why - maybe because the camera was kind of angled downward or something...but just appreciate the fact that my zipper comes no where close to doing up and that denim could not be pulled any tighter across my legs without actually exploding. sigh.

p.p.sp.s Please excuse the sloppppy writing. It's really hard to blog with a baby in your arms.

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