Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life's Little Milestones.

Maddie has been asked over to her friends' houses before, and we've had her friends over here. But, generally, these visits are arranged between the friend's parents and us. What with Maddie being just a little kiddo and all. But, this weekend, there was a message on our phone that was left by one of Maddie's friends. The voice sounded so young: "Maddie? When you get home, can you play? Maddie? It's J. Bye-ie".

Well, an actual message left just for her by one of her friends?! This put both Maddie and Jamie into almost hysterical joy. I had to play the message over and over for both of them to hear while they giggled away.

So, I guess it was time to let Maddie make a phone call of her own. We coached her a little on what to say - made sure that she would ask to speak to her friend, politely, when her friend's parent answered - and we had her invite her pal over.

I've never seen anyone so excited just to use the phone. It really is quite amazing to watch kids as they cross these little milestones and see the kind of joy they find in the simplest things in life. It reminds me of when these routine, everyday, kind of things were all new and fresh and exciting to me. Something I've usually completely forgotten until I see it in my girls.
And, she did a great job with her call. She spoke very clearly and politely. I was quite proud, actually. Enough to go grab the camera (embarassing her, as usual).

I guess she isn't so little anymore.
Next she'll be asking for the keys to the truck.


Leah said...

aww! I wish I'd thought to take a picture of Emily's first "real" phone call! What a cute picture and a FUN milestone!!

Shan said...

Aww that is so cute. Good idea snapping the pictures! Abby was the same way last year when D called her after she was off school for so long with that awful stomach virus. Never thought to take a picture.