Friday, May 29, 2009

Jon and Kate...

Okay, so you've all seen it by now, right? I'm talking about The episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Everyone has seen it, everyone has chatted about it, everyone has had their opinions on who is right, who is wrong and, I think, everyone has moved on. So, why is it still bothering me?

I've watched Jon and Kate pretty much from the beginning, I think. I mean, those kids are all so adorable. So, so, adorable. But, eight of them? I have 3. I don't know how I would do 8. I do imagine there would be a lot of yelling going on. Not just from the kids, but from Dave and I, too. How else would you even hear each other? And, probably, as you continue to yell at each other the tension in the atmosphere is just going to keep going up and up. I've seen that in my own house. If the kids are playing loudly, and the baby starts crying, and the t.v. is going on in the background...ugh...I just can't take it. "Okay! Okay! That's It! Turn off the t.v. and girls, I'm sorry, but you have to go play down in your least until the baby calms down". All that noise can just make you batty.

And like Jon even said himself in one episode (btw, I find it really weird to use the word "episode" when what it really is, is their life), "Dontcha' think it would be weird if we were like 'Hi honey' (all sweetness and light) all the time?" Yes, that would be weird. Because no one is like that. Admit it. You aren't like that. Not all the time.

So, yeah, Kate did yell at Jon a lot but, gawd, she was in charge of all those kids. She is trying to keep things going and organized and keep everyone happy and safe. That is a big job. Sure, she could have (definitely) worked on talking to Jon nicer...but, then again, maybe Jon could have said something to her instead of being passive aggressive about it all the time (like when he kept coming into the kitchen when she was cooking and getting in her way as she repeatedly asked him to get out).

Oh dear. There I go getting judgemental. I don't mean to do that. I'm sure that is probably just the way Jon handles his stress and that is probably just the way Kate handles hers. The point is, I don't think either of them are bad people. In fact, I think they are pretty great people. They obviously love their children and, at least at one point, they loved each other.

I think all I really want to say is that I am so, so, so, sorry that things have taken this turn with them. Because, you know, it isn't just a t.v. show, it's their lives. And, yes, things got really insanely loud and hectic in their lives and, I'm sure, having a camera crew in the house with them didn't help matters any. But...what about "for better or for worse"?

The noise of 8 kids. The nasty tones. The passive-aggressiveness. That's the "worse".
The miracle of 8 healthy kids. A family. A new day. That's the "better".

"It may be a crazy life, but it's our life".

I guess I'm just sad to see them give up on their life.
I'm gonna' go hug my family now.


Kaci said...

I agree with you I think it's so sad. It's terrible when anyone gets divorced and it shouldn't be taken so lightly.

It really makes me upset when people are laughing about it. I got really angry at my mother in law and father in law...5 divorces between the pair of them and they were poking fun!! How dare they! Divorce is sad and terrible.

XOXO from one fan to the next.

Life with Kaishon said...

I came over to congratulate you on your win this week at I heart faces. I thought your picture was wonderful!

I also think this was such a well written and well thought out post. This is their whole life. This is huge. I hope they will be able to resolve some of these things soon. It is so sad.

Leah said...

I hadn't heard they'd decided on divorce. I don't even get that channel, so I don't even watch it, but I did catch part of an episode one time where the mom had the little boys (who were potty training in the episode) sitting on their potty chairs all morning until they peed. I feel like I remember it was something like two hours later one of them was finally allowed to get up???? Whatever it was, I remember thinking it was entirely insane to leave a little child sitting on a toilet THAT LONG. I decided I was glad I didn't get that channel anyway because it wasn't a show I would want to watch!

It's "nice" to hear another point of view though, and you are right. People yell, houses get loud, camera crews and EIGHT KIDS must really wear on a person from time to time (even if you dearly love those 8 kids). I'm sure Dan and I would look like awful parents with a camera crew and editors only showing the parts they wanted the public to see. No one's perfect... I don't even know much of the story except that he cheated, and I'm sorry, if Dan ever cheated on ME, that would be the end of it. I don't think that's forgiveable, I would never get over it, and it's beyond the "worse" of my marriage vows. But again, I don't watch the show, and haven't really followed the press lately, so I don't even know if it's for sure true that he cheated!

Mommy Project said...

Yes, I have to agree - there are definitely some "deal breakers" and cheating would be one of them for me.

Shan said...

My gosh -- if I had 6 Maya's running around here. Yeah there would be some not so great moments. Lots of them. It's really just a sad story. I hope they can work things out.