Monday, June 1, 2009


This week's challenge over at I Faces is "Happy Birthday". If you want to enter, your photo must have a child in it and there must be some signs of a "celebration". While I got some cute shots of Maddie making her wish and blowing out her candle, my favourite picture turned out to be this one...with her looking up at the smoke that came off the candle just after she blew it out. I love the great, natural, smile on her face and the look of pure happiness in her eyes. It reminds me of the joy of childhood - to see the amazement and beauty in the simplest of things.

If you have a favourite "Birthday Celebration" photo that you would like to enter, or if you'd like to check out all the other great entries, please just go HERE or click the little button below.



Alyssa @ CrazyBusy said...

What a sweet capture! I love it!
Love, Alyssa

Shan said...

Love this picture. So sweet!