Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Question Thursday

Okay, so there is this photographer and she had a few photos published in a book that I was reading. I really, really, loved her style so I looked to see if she had a website. Turned out she did and not only that she has this really cute blog, about her really cute kids, and she publishes her really cool photos on it all the time. So, now, instead of just getting to see the three photos that I just love in my Portrait Photography book I get to see her stuff all the time. Today on her blog it is "Random Question Thursday" and this question begs for a photo or two. Any reason for me to get out my camera and start clicking is good...I can use all the practice I can get. Of course, this photo isn't anything special but it is a photo of something special.

Feel free to play along and then head on over to her blog and let her know you've participated.

Here's The Random Question of the Day...

What little something-something is sitting on a shelf in your kitchen that represents (or may actually be) a relic of your childhood?

This sugar container is part of a set. It was given to my Mom by my Dad, piece by piece, every year on their anniversary. I always thought it was kind of sweet that he would do this. He always remembered and he was always able to find new pieces. He must have been very big on traditions like this. Just like how he always remembered to give me a pink rose on my birthday. He also would not go to sleep at night without kissing everyone good-night. As a kid I would have to always make a game of this, of course, and I would hide from him under tables, and beds, and in closets. He never got fed-up or impatient with this...he'd just keep looking, and looking, for me until he found me and could give me my kiss good-night. This set of crockery is mine now. It's the only thing I have to remember him by except for a couple of photos. I don't have room for it all on my counter, but I keep the sugar container there and I use it every day.

It would have been his 80th birthday today. He was 52 when he died. Hard to believe.

Happy Birthday, J.P.M.


toyfoto said...

Oh wow. I'm a little (ok, a LOT) choked up. Thanks for this. Thanks for sharing. I'm so grateful.

Shan said...

What a lovely piece and a lovely story.


This is such a great story. I love hearing about your dad and how wonderful he was. I wish I had known you sooner than grade 8, so I could have met your dad.