Thursday, May 1, 2008

She's Not Heavy...

I just got back from a little bit of an open house at Maddie's school. Her teacher was nice enough to let me bring Jamie along and Jamie sure had a great time. She just wandered around looking at the puppet theatre and building things with the blocks and saying, "Hi" to all the kids. She even met one other little boy who will be in her class this coming fall, but it's kind of hard to believe since that little boy had to be about a foot taller than Jamie! I'm starting to realize that a year, or even a few months, does make a big difference at this age. The difference between a kid who turns 4 in January and one who doesn't turn 4 until the following winter is pretty noticeable! But, I'm not worried about little Jamie. She can't wait to go to school and I know she'll do just fine. Me, of course, that will be another matter.

One of the sweetest things about getting to go to Maddie's school today was the reception I got when I arrived. Maddie jumped out of her seat when she saw me and came flying over to wrap her arms around me. Of course, my heart just melted. I recognized immediately that that was going to be one of those little moments I'll always look back on and cherish. I just love that little kiddo. The other thing that was, maybe, even sweeter than that was watching how kind Maddie was to Jamie. She immediately took Jamie by the hand and showed her where to go and was talking to her in the cutest "mothering" tone. Then, when we left the classroom for a bit to go to the library, I grabbed Maddie's hand and Maddie swung around to grab her sister's hand. "Come on Jamie" she said, "I'll show you where the library is so you'll know for when you come here this fall".

How nice it is that Jamie has Maddie to look out for her, and that Maddie has Jamie to look up to her and love her. Sure, they have their moments when they fight, and yell, and threaten each other with the standard "...then you aren't coming to my birthday party", but behind all that I know that they really, genuinely, love each other. How lucky they are.

How lucky am I.

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Shan said...

Oh that is so sweet.I love those moments when they get along too. Although I must admit Abby is way more willing to get along than Maya. I'm thinking Miss Maya got a double dose of the terrible twos. *wink*