Friday, May 23, 2008

The Purloined Toothbrush

I bought myself an electric Braun toothbrush ages ago. Do you have one? They are really fantastic. It makes such a huge difference that I could never, ever, go back to a regular toothbrush again. When you use the Braun it feels like you've just come from the dentist. Amazing. It's so great that I even took it with me to Jamaica. Sure, a regular toothbrush would have been much easier to pack/transport...but it is just that good. Of course, with my (stupid, I hate them! I hate them!) braces on it doesn't work quite as great so now I have to rely more on my Waterpik with it's special "brace-face" attachment.

But, anyway, when I first got the Braun toothbrush Dave scoffed. He thought it was a silly contraption and he was going to stick with his trusty, old-fashioned, manual toothbrush. Fine by me! So the Braun was mine. Well, mine and the girls': I got separate little brush-heads for Maddie and Jamie. But, generally, usually, my toothbrush head is the one that has remained atop the Braun handle for, oh, probably a couple of years now.

I don't know what happened, but suddenly Dave decided that he is going to start using my Braun toothbrush, too. He got his own little brush-head and, now, he thinks that I should not be leaving my brush-head on top of the handle anymore. He thinks I should have to remove my brush-head and put it in the little cup along with his and the girls'. He doesn't think that he should have to remove my brush-head when he wants to use the Braun. Hmmmm. Well, I suppose that is basically fair enough but, then again, look had your chance and what did you do? Scoff! That's right - you scoffed and you lost your chance to have equal share in the Braun. I have an at-least two-year ingrained habit of leaving my brush-head on the Braun and you expect me to just change that...all of a sudden...just because you say so? Well, it just ain't that easy, pal.

So, to punish me Dave has taken to taking off my brush-head and hiding it behind my Waterpik in the bathroom. Don't think I didn't notice, Big Guy. Every night I go in there all the other brush-heads are in the cup and mine is...where?....Oh, right. It's behind the Waterpik...right where you hid it!

I didn't say anything. Nope. I just kept my lips sealed. And waited. And waited. For the perfect opportunity.

"What's that, honey?
Where's your brush-head??
What do you mean? You can't find it???"

(insert evil laugh here).

Revenge is a dish best served way up on top of the mirror, on the left hand side, in the bathroom.

{Someone once said that marriage is all about finding new ways to drive each other crazy for the rest of your lives. We like to live by that motto}.


Widney Woman said...

You rock!

Tracey said...

You are great!!! You mean I'm not the only one that does stuff like that!!!! FUN ISN'T IT!!!!

Mine is only leaving him a 1/2 inch left on the toilet paper role and none under the sink!!!!