Thursday, May 22, 2008

Home Run Night.

Last night was Maddie's first official T-Ball game. It was, I believe, about minus 58 degrees with the wind-chill factor so I thought for sure the game was going to be cancelled. But, no, the show went on. Even I (who cannot handle being out of doors when the temp. drops below 25 Celsius) was at the game, though. I mean...I couldn't let a little frost-bite and frozen eyeballs stand in the way of seeing my baby's first game now could I?! And, now that I have defrosted, I can tell you it was a lot of fun.

I must say, the kids are so adorable and the coaches are doing a really terrific job. I don't know how they are keeping all these kids organized, and going in all the right directions, while teaching them the intricacies of baseball at the same time. It's something to see.

Maddie is doing really fantastic. Despite her little frozen fingers she was a complete trouper and she never gave up going after that ball, I'll tell you. She's a go-getter, that one.

As the game wore on, and the temps. fell even lower, the turtle necks and sweaters under the kids' jerseys were obviously not cutting it anymore. You could start to see the winter coats coming out along with some hats and gloves (and not of the baseball variety). A couple of the kids, I noticed, left the game early. I think they were just going ahead and "calling it" themselves. Can't blame `em. But, Maddie wanted to hang in we did, too.

She got to play left field, short-stop, and pitcher. Pitcher is an interesting position in t-ball since it involves no actual pitching. It does, however, involve wearing a really huge helmet with a cage that poor little Maddie could not see out of. She wasn't in too much danger of being hit since the other team only managed grounders. The big hitter so far, fortunately, is on her team. He got a home-run the first time out. He actually hits the ball up into the air, above all the kids' heads, and out into the field! I think he may be a ringer.

No one seemed to be keeping any kind of score. Even still...I sense a winning season.


Shan said...

Aww she looks so cute! Glad she did so well in that nasty cold weather.

Tracey said...

She looks like a model playing baseball!! Great pic!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Thanks Shan!

And, thanks Tracey (She will be tickled to read that!)