Monday, May 19, 2008

All About The Beeg.

Today I bring you a few more sides of Jamie...

So, the other day she had out her markers and some paper and she asked me how to spell "horse". So, I called out the different letters from the other room.

"H..." I said.

"What does an `H' look like?" Jamie asked.

"Well, it's two tall sticks with a little stick joining them in the middle"

"Okay...okay...and what's next?"

"O" I said "It's just a little circle."

"Okay...okay...and what's next?"

"r" I said "It's a little stick with a tiny hook off the top of it"

And on it went.

I just figured we were playing a little game and she was just scribbling whatever on her piece of paper because there is no way my little three year old baby could write these letters just based on my descriptions...right?

When I went out later and glanced at her paper this is what I saw.

I think she just may be a genious. ;-)
Pretty darn good!!!

Some of the other sides of Jamie James...

Talented Jamie (she isn't holding on to anything)

Determined Jamie (look at her go)

Loving Jamie ("You're my best friend, Maddie")

Thoughtful, Pensive, Jamie

My Sweet, Beautiful, Jamie.

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