Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Closet of Chaos.

This week's Tackle It Tuesday (Hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom) is the Hall Closet. It's a good job done because 1) the weather has warmed up and we really don't need 100 winter hats and mittens shoved in there...let alone all the snow-pants 2) we don't even know what shoes the girls have anymore since it was such utter chaos in that closet 3) it's kinda' like shopping: "Hey! I didn't even remember I had those cute little sandles -cool". Oh, and 4) we could barely shut that closet door anymore!

[During. Doesn't Jamie look horrified by the mess]

[And After. Ahhhhhh. Serenity Now].
I really don't like starting these big, overwhelming, projects. I actually don't mind it once I'm in the middle of it and I love it once I'm done...it's just getting up the gumption to start the thing that is the most difficult. Yes, I did say "gumption". So, I must thank 5MFM for helping me clean-up my closet! I also should thank my dear Davey for doing all the laundry in the house over the weekend. I mean, there is literally no dirty laundry anywhere. He must have done 8 loads over the weekend! And, he folded it all and put it all away, too! Incredible! So, I also thought it would be nice to surprise him with a nice tidy closet and hall today.
As an added bonus project I bring you my little galvanized metal, chalk-board-painted, container which was also overflowing with winter gear as well as...1 swimsuit, 3 stuffed animals, several hair-clips, and a harmonica! Now, it is also nice and tidy and contains only summer-appropriate items (baseball hats, baseball, and gloves).


[And After]

See ya' next time for Tackle It Tuesday!

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Alyson & Ford said...

Wonderful job!! Isn't 5MFM great? Really gets you moving!

Now, I need to join in too....

Alyson LID 01/27/06

Widney Woman said...

As Paris would say: "Wow! Wow! Wow!"

Shan said...

Awesome job. I'm the same way, hate the getting started, love it when it's finished.

Tracey said...

Great Job!