Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools!

How was your April Fool's Day? Did anybody get you? Well, Bell telephone got us a little bit by pretending our phone line was down and wasn't going to be fixed until between "8am and 5pm the following day". I was without Internet access all afternoon and into the evening. It was a scary thing, but I think I'm okay now.

I got the kiddies a little by announcing in the morning, "Okay girls! Come get your breakfast! We're having bacon and eggs". Maddie came right in just because she is such an obedient little one and she really tries to please us all the time. Jamie on the other hand - she's her own little person, that's for sure. She ain't too worried about pleasing anybody, but it's actually really pretty cute. She's spunky. "I don't want bacon and eggs" she said. "Come on, Jamie. Come see". She was all mad at first. Then her eyes lit up when she realized the eggs were really just peach halves on top of vanilla yogurt and the bacon was strips of "Yo-Gos Rollers". Pretty realistic looking, huh? I think I got the idea from FamilyFun magazine (or their web-page). They have so many cool ideas.

Maddie and I also made up two little April Fool's gifts: one for her teacher and one for her best friend, Abby. Unfortunately, the surprises didn't make it into school and neither did Maddie. She was having some tummy troubles that, I swear, had nothing to do with the fake bacon and eggs. She seems to have an issue with milk in that if she drinks too much of it when she is away from home (i.e. more than, say, a small cup in a day) she won't be able to use the facilities for quite awhile after. We give her soy milk at home, which she and Jamie both prefer anyway (luckily).

So, sorry Abby! It was gonna' be really funny, too. Maddie made you a "rotten apple". It had a big, gross, worm in it and everything. YUCK! We'll have to come up with something else to get ya' next year.


Shan said...

What a great idea. Mike and I were both killing ourselves laughing at the pictures. The apple is super cute too. Abby would have loved it.

Leah said...

what cute and fun ideas!!!! I shall have to try them out SOON!!

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