Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scrappy Weekend Everyone!

Here's my latest digital scrapbook page. Man, this is fun. I think I could make digital scrapbook pages all day long. I wish someone would pay me to do that - that would be cool. I just love shopping for all the supplies on-line. You don't even need to leave the house and you can shop any hour of the day! I am really, REALLY, wishing for high-speed internet access though. Can you believe I am on dial-up?! It's like I live in Timbuktu or something. You can get dishes for the internet and we looked into that, but when the man came he said that there were too many trees out back of our house and it wouldn't work for us. There is also some high speed available to this area from Rogers and we looked into that, too. Guess what -it doesn't work at our house. It doesn't work at our neighbours', either. The house next to our neighbours? Yep. They can get it. Just not us. We are almost, literally, on the cut-off line. Unbelievable. So, to get the little wings and hats to make Jamie into a Fairy and the cute little polka dot letters and the paper it took me all day to download it. Maybe that's for the best as I think I would do way too much "digi shopping" if the amount of time it took me to download this stuff was a little less completely ridiculous.

Oh, you probably can't read the writing on the page. It says:

At the age of 3
What do you dream of Jamie?
Going to school
Riding the school bus
Making a bunch of your own friends
and going to their birthday parties
(just like Maddie)
Having sleep-overs
Riding a big bike
Sleeping in a bunk-bed
Cooking, baking, lots of painting
Driving Daddy's truck
Wearing Mommy's shoes
Taking Stella for a walk
all by yourself
All that good stuff and more...
Dancing like a ballerina
Singing like a princess
Flying like a bird
The days are full of possibilities and, for you,
the sun can't rise soon enough.

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Shan said...

Oh my gosh! I love it!! I actually downloaded a free pack, but haven't looked at it yet. I may wait since we're talking about a new computer. I think I could get into the digital scrapbooking I have a project in mind already, but I have no idea what I'm doing.