Thursday, April 17, 2008

(MY) Baby's First Hair-Cut.

Jamie did it. She got her first ever hair-cut. Her hair is so long and fine and wavy that it gets tangled super easy and it was starting to look a little rough. So, I plopped both girls in the tub and got their hair all washed and detangled and took them over the the local hair salon to get a trim.

Maddie really wanted to go because her bestest little girlfriend in the whole wide world has her hair cut to about her shoulders and Maddie wants hers to be the same. But, I just loooovvve Maddie's long hair so I caved enough for 2 inches to come off only. Jamie didn't want to go at all. She was convinced that cutting her hair would hurt. I told her it doesn't hurt, but she wasn't buying it. Maddie tried to assure her that it really doesn't hurt, but she still wasn't convinced. Then she asked one of the little neighbourhood boys and he assured her it that it didn't hurt. Hmmm. She still wasn't listening to any of us. So, I told her she didn't have to get it done if she didn't want to and that Maddie would go first and then she could decide. The truth was, at this point, with her freshly washed, long, beautiful, wavy hair glistening in the sunlight - and no more babies in my house at the moment - I wasn't so sure it wasn't going to hurt, either. Only, now I was thinking more about me!

Wow. I'm finding it really hard to watch these girls grow up so fast. I mean, it's really fast. They were both born near the end of the year which means they will both be starting school at the age of 3. That's THREE. Three years I get my baby at home with me and that's it? I have to tell you, I would home school them if Dave would let me just so I didn't have to see them go so soon. But, he likes the whole socialization thing, blah, blah, blah. I say, "What about meeeee?"

Okay. I'll try to get a hold of myself.

My mother used to always tell me the story of when I started kindergarten. I was the last of her 4 kids to go off to school and as soon as I was out of the car and skipping off to class she burst into tears. My dad starting laughing at her. She was furious at him and, I believe, called him a few choice names, slammed the bedroom door when she got home, and laid on the bed crying. She said she had never been so upset before in her life: her baby was off to school.
Now I get it.


Jamie decided to get her hair done after all (sigh) and she did look completely adorable sitting up in the chair with those clips in her hair. And, when we got home Maddie's aforementioned buddy came over for a visit and brought these ADORABLE cupcakes she made with the help of her mommy The FairyBlogMother.

Thanks, Shan. It was good timing. Cupcakes always do help to cheer a blubbery mommy up.

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Shan said...

Oh my goodness! How did I not notice they had their hair cut tonight? I'm going to blame the sleep deprivation.

I was seriously a basket case before I had Abby's hair cut. It used to be long like Maddie's. Her hair is pretty thick though and it was getting to be too much with all the upkeep. I'd like to have a couple of inches trimmed off for the summer, but Abby doesn't want too. We'll see, she may change her mind come pool season.

Love the picture of Jamie and the one of the girls together. Glad the cupcakes were a hit! I get it. We just brought Maya's big girl bed home..... no more babies... wah!