Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Laundry's Done!

It's Tackle It Tuesday time again. Last week I said my project was going to be getting rid of the ghastly pile of clothes heaped up on the laundry room floor. I gave myself until this week, today, to get that accomplished. Well, I'm happy to say that I have done it! I can see my laundry room floor again. Pretty cool. Well, actually, it's just an ugly concrete slab so it's not that great to see it but, still, it's good to have the laundry done. Now I can allow guests access to the downstairs bathroom without living in fear they may open the laundry room door.

I would also like to just add that my project was made doubly hard due to the fact that hubby decided the best place to put our freshly painted kitchen cupboards to dry was on a huge table right in the middle of the laundry room. I, literally, had to stand on my tip toes and scooch around the wet cupboards to try to get at the laundry. It was not easy. So...bonus marks to me. Way to go me. Thanks me.

Since that project was so boring and sucky I decided to give myself a nice, fun, little project for today's Tackle It Tuesday (hmmm...I just realized that you really can't write that in short form). I decided to do my very first, official, digital scrapbook page! It was a challenge offered up over at Scrap Artist to do a page using some cool acrylic jumbo letters. Lots of fun. I love the digital scrap booking because it reminds me of some of the graphic design stuff I got to do as a journalism student another lifetime ago. Here she is...Maddie modeling a new outfit she got from her aunt.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Shan said...

Hey! Great job on the laundry. Your laundry room looks amazing. Love the page. I'm thinking about giving digital scrap booking a try. I downloaded some packs the other night. I have a project in mind I may bug you about.

scrappysue said...

cute layout! i finally scrapped today - too much blogging instead lol

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but giggle about the doors being in your way, and we (at 5min4mom) call Tackle it Tuesday TT in short form :o)

Good goin' hunny!

Be sure to stop by my blog for the new button codes and a giveaway :o) http://scrappingservant.com/category/tackle-it-tuesday/

Hopefully we'll see you next week.