Saturday, April 26, 2008

Material Girl.

Here is a quick list of Things I Want (in case you were wondering):

1) An external hard-drive for my computer (I've been putting all my photos on discs, but I don't trust them and I am too afraid to erase the pics off my computer. Those, along with all these scrapbook pages I'm now making are really bogging down my computer).

2) A flat-bed scanner. I have lots of photos that I actually took ~before~ getting my digital camera including all of Maddie's baby photos. I can't even use them in a scrapbook page until I get a scanner. So, the way I see it...these two things are immediate necessities.

3) A good wide angle lens. The only decent lens I have right now is my 50mm 2.8 and while I just lurve this lens for taking portraits, it doesn't work so great for group photos. I should say, it's more than's really just isn't a wide angle.

4) High. Speed. Internet. Connectivity.

5) A nice new bike in some really pretty color. And, a helmet.

6) A new food processor.

7) A kitchen-aid Artisan mixer. I like pink.

8) A new truck - crew cab, please.

9) A new bed complete with new mattress, sheets (600 count min.), and down pillows. Oh, and make it a King Size. Ohhhhhh....this would be sweeeeeet.

10) A new wardrobe for the summer - lots of pretty colored t's and tanks, a few new pairs of jeans (I like the Gap), and a few new pairs of kickin' little sneakers.

You have 10 days until my birthday...
Oh (and just to spare you any embarrassment), here are some things that you may have been thinking about but, gratefully, I've already got these ones covered.
1) A really wonderful digital camera

2) An only slightly less wonderful digital camera, still pretty gosh darn good, that is small enough to throw into my purse and have at the ready for all those little Mommy Moments in life.

3) A fan-freakin-tastic coffee maker (I love my new Cuisinart Coffee Maker. Love it! Love it! Love it!)

4) A new dining room set.

5) A Newfoundland doggie.
Have fun and, I promise, I'll try to act surprised. ;-)

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Shan said...

You've got some great choices on that list. I hope you get them all. I'm with you on numbers 4, 5,6,7 & 9. Did I mention number 4! Because that's a big one!!!