Thursday, April 24, 2008


I love cupcakes - especially really cute cupcakes. I've bought so many books about just cupcakes that it is really turning into a bit of an obsession. Unfortunately, I'm really not that talented a "cupcake artist" and I would find it really difficult to come up with all the cute ideas on my own but yesterday I gave it my best shot making these Panda Bear cupcakes from the book, "Hello Cupcake" (wow. How many times can a girl type "cupcake" in one paragraph?).

Now, my MIL has borrowed back her food processor (the nerve-Just Kidding) so I had nothing to sufficiently pulverize my Oreo cookies and had to use a fork and a potato masher instead. The crumbs are supposed to be pretty fine so that you can dip your cupcake into it and make the "fur" for the panda's tummies. And, I really started making these a bit too late in the day so I was feeling a bit rushed they are. Maddie drew the grass for them to sit on and she loved them. She was a little timid about eating off the Panda's face ("he's too cute", she said), but Jamie had no such problems and dove right in.

My lovely neighbour and her daughter popped by whilst I was making these so I just threw two together super, super, quick for her and I have to say, "I'm sorry they were kind of pathetic and I'm even sorrier there were only two!!!" Would Martha have handed out sad cupcakes - and not had enough? I don't think so. I don't think so. I'll do better next time. :)

In other news...

it was our dear Stella Bella's second birthday yesterday. No cupcakes for her but lots of hugs and pets and these two cards made by Maddie and Jamie. Happy Birthday, Stella!!!!

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Shan said...

They were totally cute. I even showed them off to Karen when I got home. And two was the perfect number. You did a great job with them. Although you had Mike worried the ears were made out of cat food HAHAHAHA!