Sunday, December 6, 2009

P57 Arms and Abs

So, I've been feeling like quite the unhealthy slug lately. During the spring (oops. I mean "summer". I guess that was our summer) I was out taking nice long walks with the baby everyday. Just walking and using my butt for something more than sitting felt so good. Then winter (I mean, "fall") set in and it became too cold for me to venture outdoors. So that was that. No more exercise.

Well, no exercise is something I can live with for...well...about 3 months, apparently...before I actually go bonkers. So, yesterday was The Day! I got back on the ol' exercise mat and did a Physique 57 work-out.

I decided to just do a 30 minute DVD (I bought all 3) since I am such a slacker, and I realized about 2 minutes into the work-out that I had never actually done this one before! It was the "Arms and Abs" one and it started off great with a little warm-up standing on the floor, then moved into the arm work which I love! Warning--they just tell you to have a "light set of weights" and a "heavy set of weights" available and, basically all of the arm work is done with your "heavy set". I don't know about you, but I can use much heavier weights for biceps than I can for you may want to switch up your weight choices as it goes along.

My second complaint with the DVD was that there was absolutely no stretching done after working the different muscle groups. This lead to me getting a cramp in one of my arms midway through the arm work and then feeling a bit grumpy-wumpy about the whole gig.

The DVD then leads into ab work on the floor using the playground ball to dig awkwardly into your back. There was also a lot of pilates style work with the ball clenched in between your legs. There was a "beginner" girl who you could follow but she did stuff I only aspire to be able to that was just discouraging.

I love Kelly Rippa and I know she thinks this work-out is a ton of fun but, personally I am not thinking, "Gee! I can't wait to do that one again!". It's more like, "What a bunch of show-offs. Hrrumf".

Of course, this is my perspective as a quite admittedly out of shape, 40 year old, mother of 3. Maybe i'll have a better opinion of it next time I try it...but...that's gonna be awhile from now! I'm going to find my Jari Love DVDs to do tomorrow!

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Heather said...

Good for you Normie!! :) Starting is half the battle!!

Shan said...

You're a rock star. Also I'd give Mike's left arm to look like you ;)