Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Pox

So, as some of you may know, last week...this was Maddie.
Yep, The Pox (the poultry sort) is going through her school like gang-busters. I had decided not to get the girls vaccinated for this because, as otherwise perfectly healthy little girls, I came to the opinion that there were more risks than benefits associated with getting the needle. From what I've read, the immunization doesn't actually even protect your child for life from getting the Chicken Pox...the only thing that can do that is...getting the Chicken Pox {please remember these are my opinions based on my research and nothing more. I totally understand that this vaccine is very helpful and important to the preventative health care of other children}.
So, anywho, was there a part of me that was pretty much hoping they would get the Chicken Pox? Yes. I mean, I did not purposely expose my girls to the virus (and I had the chance to do that a couple of times. Once when my brother's kids got it, and then another time when my friend's little girl got it). I just couldn't bring myself to give them a disease. But, I was a way...that they would get it...while they were young. Of course, I also wanted them to have no complications from having the disease...have a nice, easy-peasy, time of it...and then have life-long immunity.
So, fortunately, that went right according to plan for Maddie. She got the Pox, and got over it, like a Champ. She didn't even really feel sick! And now, right on schedule...10 days later...
It's Jamie's turn.
And, thankfully, she is dealing with it just fine, too. Of course...she likes to play it up a bit. This is the only time she gets to have Ginger Ale.
Poor baby. So you need a little bit of Ginger Ale?
I really, really, really, really, hope that if Colie catches this...10 days from now...she has as easy a time of it as her big sisters.
So many hard decisions to make as a Mom.

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Stefania said...

Your silver lining is that this happened before Christmas. My siblings and I got the pox right before Chrismtas when we were teenagers and I was happy that I didn't miss out on anything.

Mommy Project said...

Round three has started. My baby Coco got the
yesterday (why my girls couldn't get it simultaneously instead if consequetively, I don't know) so, yes, I'm very glad it will all be done before my oldest's birthday party (a sleep-over!!) and in time for Santa pictures!!

pixielation said...

Mine both had it one after another a few years ago. I think it's better to let them catch it than immunise. Not so for serious things such as measles, but chicken pox is only very rarely a serious problem for kids.

My husband got chicken pox when he was 20, and it was the worst thing he'd ever had in his life. So catching it early and getting it over and done with is the best thing!