Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday was a busy, busy, day. But, it was also a great, great, day!

Yesterday was the first annual "Festivus" cookie exchange held at my place. I just called it "Festivus" to be funny...not cuz' i'm a real scrooge or anything. The party was a lot of work to get ready for. I mean, in addition to baking the 6 dozen cookies in my awful oven (i am 100% serious when i tell you that i will preheat it to 350 and about 4 minutes into baking the temperature will shoot up past 450 on my oven thermometer...ya...makes baking a breezey fun time), I also had to clean up the house from top to bottom. Okay, I guess I didn't really have to clean out all under my bathroom cabinets, buy new storage bins to coral all our bath products, sterilize the inside of the microwave, clean off the top of the fridge, clean out the living room cupboard, organize my photos...ha ha ha! I'm still not kidding! Once I know people are coming over I go a little wacko and feel like every. single. thing. needs to be organized. Did anyone look at the top of my fridge? Look in my bathroom cupboards? Ask to see if my photos were organized? no.


ha ha.

But, anyway...
I was pretty much exhausted by the time the party started, but once everyone got here I was all perked up again. So many ladies took the time to prepare, bake all the cookies, package everything up, get into their best Festivus outfits, and come out to my place. And, you know, that is really kinda' humbling. I am very lucky to have so many great girls in my life.

I should also give a shout out to the great guy in my life. The one who helped me clean all week, kept running out to the stores to fill my need for more butter and more storage bins. The one who even bought me a new storage chest for the kitchen! The day of the party he got up early, got the girls ready, drove them all over to his Mom's place, came back home, helped me do all the final cleaning (vacuuming, windows, floors, polishing, etc.) and then when it was almost party time...he high-tailed it out of here so us girls could have a couple of hours to ourselves.

Now, that's a pretty terrific guy. Thanks Davey.

I can't say the party went off without a hitch (not too many of us got the "you need to bring a big enough container to bring all your cookies HOME in...not just the container(s) that you bring all the cookies to the party in...part), but that's okay. At least we all know what we are supposed to do for next year. And, I definitely will host Festivus again next year. After all...the top of my fridge is already cleaned off. ;-)

(p.s. After Festivus the party continued on at The Fairy Blogmother's place, where the girls showed the boys how you do Pictionary right).

(p.p.s. I'll have Festivus pics to share soon. For the rest of today, though, I'll be planting my buttocks firmly in a chair and watching the Food Network).


Shan said...

Did you want me to come over today and check out the top of your fridge? Sorry I forgot to look yesterday. Thanks so much for hosting Festivus. I had a great time. And thanks for being such a Pictionary rock star!


The only reason no one looked on top your fridge is because they couldn't reach that high. But I know for a fact that at least 2 ladies looked in your bathroom cabinet and were embarrassed their cabinets don't look as good as yours.

Happy Festivus!

Kaci said...

What a fun time!