Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knowing You - Knowing Me: December.

Oh dear...time once again for that monthly interview project started by my girl, The Fairy Blogmother. I say, "Oh dear" not because I don't enjoy it (I do!), but because this means I know I will now be back to work in 3 months. eww. But, let's not think about that right now...

1. Are you an egg nog fan?

You know, I used to be but I haven't had it in so long...who knows? I'll be serving it at Festivus, so we'll see. And, btw, why didn't you vote Shanny??? I didn't know you thought it was vile, or I would have said I'd do the cranberry punch, instead!!! :( {sorry}.

2. What is your favourite at Christmas treat?

Oh, I know! Quality Street chocolates. Is that lame? My mom always buys me a tin and now Dave does, too, so I usually have lots of cankers from all the cheapo chocolate by January...but those strawberry ones are just soooo yummy.

3. How is your tree decorated? A theme like red and gold? Or does it have a more eclectic slant?

We are still working on this. We don't have a bunch of "beloved" ornaments or anything like that, so we've been just throwing crap from the dollar store at our ugly plastic tree for the past few years. This year we will have a real tree and we'll have to start working on our own family collection of loved ornaments for my girls.

4. What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Oh, I love the Grinch (the real one, not the overly maniacal Jim Carrey version), and I love Charlie Brown (especially the scene with Linus quoting from the bible. I'm not a religious girl, but I just think Linus sounds so cute in that scene. It's so peaceful and sweet)...but, my favourite is probably National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The scene with the squirrel makes me cry laughing every time I see it.

It wouldn't be the Christmas season if the stores were any less hootered than they are.

5. New jammies on Christmas Eve?

No, but looking back on the last few year's Christmas pictures...I can see why this is a popular Christmas tradition! One year Jamie is opening all her presents in just her under pants and a ratty ol' t-shirt. That's okay, though...it's us...ratty t-shirts and all.


Shan said...

I was almost an adult before I figured out that the new jammies were so we'd look respectable in the Christmas morning pictures.

I love the Charlie Brown Christmas special too. We watched it for our 25 days last year and Abby declared it boring! Can you believe it?

Yes the nog is vile. I respect your right to serve it at Festivus though.

As for the Quality Street my Aunt is a big fan too.


Loved reading it!!