Monday, December 28, 2009

7 for Maddie.

My first-born baby girl celebrated her 7th birthday a few days before the hustle of Christmas and now that things have settled down a bit, and I have BlogPress back on my iPhone, I would like to share...

7 Things I Love About my Pony-Girl!

1) Great Big Sister: Jamie and Colie are lucky to have Maddie for their sister. She is pretty darn patient with her not-so-tidy middle sister and she is pretty much head over heels for her baby sister. She even let Colie take her brand-new for Christmas "Furreal Friend" and drool all over it. And you have to understand that Maddie cannot stand drool! But, she let her have it just because she knew how much Colie wanted to play with it. Now, that's a sweetie!

2) Neat. Not just in the "such a neat kid" kinda' way (although she is), but also in a "likes to keep her things tidy" kinda' way. And, aren't I lucky to be the mom of a neat girl?!

3) Earnest. Everything Maddie does she tries very hard to do well. This trait used to tip over into "perfectionism" when she was younger and it kept her from enjoying things that she couldn't immediately master. But now she just tries very hard, she is less likely to give up, and she is able to have more fun. I think that is wonderful.

4) Beautiful. I know all Moms are biased, but when Maddie was born I really thought she was the most beautiful baby ever and still now I will catch myself looking at her and thinking, "My pretty". Of course, pretty is as pretty does, and she is definitely beautiful inside and out. And those blue eyes! Oh, how I would love to have eyes like that.

5) Goofball. I think Maddie is beginning to give her Dad a run for the money as the biggest Goofball in the house. Sometimes this just causes me to roll my eyes, but mostly I'm just so glad she has become such a happy, giggley, 7 year old.

6) Creative. Maddie is quite smart and does very well in school (which is great), but I'm also blown away by her creative abilities. The stories she writes, and the drawings she makes, are so much more impressive than what I could have ever done at her age. She often says she wants to be "an artist" or "a designer" when she grows up and I must admit I love that. I hope she always holds onto, and nurtures, her creative side.

7) Loving. Jamie already presents me with the top of her head (that is where I am allowed to kiss her) when it's time to say "Goodnight", but Maddie will still come running with open arms. She loves her Mom and Dad and loves to show it. She writes me little notes and leaves me little cards that she has made just to say, "Love You, Mommy". So adorable. I know that probably won't last much longer, so I'll cherish it while I can.

Just as I cherish you, my little Pony-Girl.

Happy Birthday.

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Shan said...

Aww what a great list. She is a sweetheart. Happy birthday Maddie!!

Heather said...

awwww :) sooo sweet normie!!! :) she is a very pretty girl!! <3 to bad she doesnt want to do pagents.

Mommy Project said...

Thanks girls and