Saturday, August 15, 2009



Hi everyone! Sorry for the screaming, but I just found out that the photo I entered this week into the I Heart Faces challenge ("silly faces") won for "Amy's Pick"!!! I am sooooo excited! I just love I Heart Faces. It is largely thanks to them (Amy and Angie) that I started taking my photography more seriously and placing in the top 10 awhile back with the picture I took of Maddie on the swing is what prompted me to even start my own Photo Blog. I've been taking lots of pictures of kiddos and babies and I am hoping to start doing that, "for real life" (as Jamie says), within the next year or so. I still need more practice, but the inspiration, incentive, and encouragement I've gotten from I Heart Faces has been incredible. Thank-you so much Angie and Amy! to get some "bubbles" pictures (that's next week's challenge if you want to come play along....). ;-)

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Jacy said...

Oh how cool is that! What a fun blog! Hmmm I want to play now too!! Congrats :)