Monday, August 31, 2009

Bean Loving You for So Long.

When Jamie finished school for the year she came home with a little sprig of something she had planted into a red plastic cup. This poor little plant was more out of the soil than it was in-hanging by just a couple of wispy thin roots. I didn't really think there was much hope for it, but Jamie really wanted to see it grow. So, we gave it it's own pot in a nice sunny location, and Jamie made sure it got lots of water (and a few rocks around the perimeter to protect the little plant from dogs, or dragons, or whatever may try and do it harm).

For weeks we wondered how this little thing would make out - and what it was to become. Well, now we know. My little gardener took that tiny sprig and turned it into a thriving bean plant! She was so excited and proud and she
shared the biggest and most perfect bean with me.

Wonderful to see what surprises unfold as you help something to grow - isn't it?

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Niqi said...

wow - and I bet that bean tasted so much yummier because she grew it! :)

I have a black thumb myself - I should put up a sign that reads "I tried but it died". well I can grow weeds. LOL

Shan said...

That is a nice looking plant she grew there.

Anonymous said...

My Jamie came home with a tiny little sunflower seed in a white plastic cup at the end of the school year. She carried it carefully up the road, and then dropped it. We had to scrape the dirt up, looking for the tiny grey seed to ensure we had that too. Luckily it was found, and thus replanted safely at home and is now 4 feet high!