Monday, August 24, 2009

Apple of My Eye!

OH MY! Do I ever have lots of exciting news to share with you!!

1) I got an iPhone!!!!!

My hubby got one for himself the other day and asked me, several times, if I wanted one. I kept saying "Nah...I really don't need one". Well, that was until he got his home and I completely fell in love with this little slab of wonderment. So, today, hubby went back to the store and brought one home for me. Not only that, but he got an adorable little pink cover for mine. Is he the most adorable guy ever, or what?

2) My iPhone records video!!! Now, I have only practiced with it once and I stopped it after 10 seconds so I'm not sure for how long it will actually record if you let it go -- but I'm so thrilled and excited about this. I just recorded the little snippet of video, plugged the phone into my computer, and uploaded it directly to my blog! How Exciting!!!

3) Now you will get to see lots, and lots, and lots of videos of my incredibly cute kids!! Ha Ha Ha! Okay. I'm not sure how big a bonus that is for you...but I'm pretty happy about it.

So...sweet reader...let me introduce you to my darling Colie...the animated version!!! :0)


Shan said...

You suck, but your baby is adorable... oh and I love you.

Kaci said...

Awhh she's cuteeeee!! I love my iPhone...I have the older version of the iPhone, it doesn't take cool videos. LOL! :)


I'm so jealous! I want a video iPhone. It takes better pictures than my iPhone and well, it has VIDEO!! Hello!