Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poor Mommy.

My two older girls (6 and 4) just went outside to play. I asked the 4 year old if she had to go "potty" before she left. She laughed at me and rolled her eyes and said, "Paahh-teee!??!".

Oh. Sorry. Do you have to use the ladies room before you leave?
-I asked in my best proper-British accent.

And guess where the baby (6 months) slept last night? In her crib. All night. That was the first time. I won't tell you what precipitated her sudden move to the crib {I would loose way too many good Mommy points if I told you that one...}, but lets just say I feel much better about her sleeping somewhere that is surrounded by bars that, um, hold her in.

But, my baay-bee...

She slept just fine without me. She even slept-in a little bit this morning.

Maddie (the 6 year old) wants to change the toy-room downstairs into her own bedroom. She doesn't care if it is downstairs. She doesn't mind. She isn't scared to be off by herself. She wants her own space.

I think I need to get pregnant again.

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Great post. Now I am absolutely curious to know what precipitated the baby in the crib night. I'm impressed Lily slept alone so well and so long. The fact that your children are growing up is a testament to how well you are parenting them. Hold on to that next time you feel like they are growing apart from you.