Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Missed Shot.

Sometimes the shot you were going for just doesn't happen. But, sometimes, what you get instead might just be even better. Check out this post by Becky Earl. Really. Go now. I'll wait...

Isn't that fantastic? All those shots are just gorgeous.
Love it, love it, love it.
What a great post. So beautiful.
I really just love photos like that. You know, the ones that show the real person. The way they really are. And the real interactions between the family members. It doesn't matter if someone isn't quite in the frame just right, or if someone else isn't smiling just perfectly, or if someone else is even a bit out of focus. When you've captured the real deal - that's all that matters.

Check out these photos that The Fairy Blogmother's amazing brother did for her.
Also, super cool. And, it's more than just the amazing lighting that makes them so cool. It's the fact that he managed to capture them all, as they really are. So fabulous (the family, and the shots).

I hope to get better at that this year.
Definitely one of my goals: to relax on the whole "needs to be perfect" thing and embrace more of the "just needs to be real" thing.


Shan said...

Thanks for the linky love baby! I will admit I was obsessing over Maya not smiling. And there was Dave laying on the ground telling me to relax. What I'm getting is good. And of course he was right. It's not the cookie cutter stuff we would have gotten had we gone to a studio at a store. It's really us. That's what Maya really looks like, most of the time. Abby is a total goof, most of the time. They're fantastic.

pixielation said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous photo!! I love photos that turn out to be unexpected gems