Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days.

This is the first day we've had enough snow around here for hubs to actually have to go out. Maybe just 2-3 inches, so nothing too bad, which is nice. We had SO much snow last year and it was always the horrible, deep, heavy kind. I really hope we don't get too much of that this year. But, just in case, the hubs took out a potential new employee to see if she has what it takes...

She started off really strong. It was looking promising!

She works well with others. Also great!

But just a few minutes in she claimed she was just going to grab some mittens.

Then she took off in her truck! I think she high-tailed it to Tim Hortons for an extended Hot Chocolate break.

Hmmm. Maybe send in your application again next season, Sweetie.

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1 comment:

pixielation said...

I LIKE the deep kind of snow! I'm just a big kid really.