Thursday, January 14, 2010


Okay, did it go? Did you make a dent in your laundry mountains? Or, did you get trapped in the avalanche?

I am happy to report that I did pretty darn good. It took about 3 loads a day to get caught up (crazy, huh? But, keep in mind I have three little girls. Girls! The laundry is just incredible). But, I AM caught up! Woot!

If it weren't for this challenge and the blattant intimidation tactics from you, my dear friends (sniff), I don't think it would have ever gotten done.

So, thank-you.

And, uh, how did you do...

{Look for a brand new THROWDOWN here next week}.

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stacyjulian said...


You just won a spot in Library of Memories!

Can't wait to "see" you in class.

Heather said...

hahahaha! :) i hate laundry.