Monday, February 1, 2010

Meatless Monday: Easy-Peasy Burrito.

Meatless Monday!

I am supposed to be working on my photography website right now, but I forgot to post for MM last week so I didn't want to miss it again. This will just have to be quick! But, that's okay...because it is a quick and super easy-peasy recipe idea for eating without meat.

Refried Bean Burrito! 

When I was a vegetarian the first time around (before I had kids) I lived off of Harvey's veggie burgers, sour cream and onion potato chips, and Taco Bell Burritos. Nice, huh? (sigh). I tell you, though, I really did love those here is how to make one, yourself.

Just get a can of black beans (do yourself a favour and buy from "Eden Organic"!! Their beans have no salt added and their cans are BPA free). {Thanks for caring Eden Organic company. I Heart You}.

Okay...put a wee bit of olive oil in the bottom of a sauce pan and heat up some chopped onion until soft. Throw some garlic in there, too, why dontcha? Now, open up your can of beans (drain and rinse) and throw them in there. Add a little water or, hey, even some veggie stock if you have some around (just enough to keep things from sticking) and warm your beans through. Now, open up a can of tomatos and roughly cut them up (always buy whole tomatoes and cut them yourself as required...they were only "cooked once" so their flavour is always better). Add those to your beans (I added about half a can). Now, what kind of spices do you like? We want this to be a little hot 'n spicy, no? You can add a bit of cumin powder and some cayenne for heat or even some chili powder. You may even want to add some hot sauce if you have it and, as always, a touch of salt and pepper. Taste, taste, taste. Does it need more of anything? Throw it in. Now grab your potato masher and take out all your frustrations on the stuff in the pot. Turn it into a nice mushy-mush.

Now, do you have any left over rice? Great! Throw that in there, too. What about cilantro? Are you a fan? I sure am! Chop that up fairly well and throw that in.

I love preparing meals that involve "throwing stuff in". Can you tell?

warm up your whole grain tortilla wrap between a couple of paper towels in the micro for just about 10 seconds and then top with your beans. Add a bit of sour cream or even plain yogurt (if your aren't vegan) and then put a bit of chopped lettuce and salsa on top, too. I even added some strips of red pepper for extra colour and crunch. Wrap 'er all up and you are good to go!

So easy. So yummy.

I love these!

Need more cool veg. ideas? Check out How it all Vegan. It's where I got the ideas for this delicious Meatless Monday!

See ya' next week!
p.s. I can't find the spell check in blogger anymore. So, sorrie for any missteaks.


Heather said...

I think I might make this tomorrow! :) it looks sooooooooo yummmmie

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This looks fantastic D! Mmmmm!!

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