Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well, I do believe the Fairy Blogmother has challenged me? Dared me? Double-dog dared me? to start hosting Thankful Thursdays here at The Mommy Project. I think she thinks this will encourage me to be a more consistent blogger, perhaps. Yes, I can see right through your mommy-nature Mrs. Blogmother. So, I take up your challenge! Now...let's just see if I can figure out how to work all the widgets and linky's and whatever the heck else I need to make this work {Hey! As a side note...apparently "Thankful Thursday" isn't my idea. When I went to set up my Mr. Linky code there was already one there for "Thankful Thursday". Hmmm. Hope that's okay. Jeez...whenever I have a lightbulb moment it seems that lightbulb has already gone off above someone else's head. Ah well...).

So, here is my list of 5 things I am Thankful for this Thursday:

1) My bed. I love my bed. You may remember it is fairly new. It was a surprise from my darling hubby, Davey. It is huge and squishy and, as Little Miss Muffet may have said, "Just Right". I've always enjoyed bedtime (perhaps more than I should) and now that I am preggers and I have a little kiddo, literally, kicking me in my lower left ribs several times a day and just, generally, tuckering me out, I'm loving my bed even more. I love to get into my bed, turn on my reading light, and start into one of the 20-30 books I have on my bedside table. Unfortunately (or, fortunately...) I never get passed a page or two because before you know it, it's 4 in the morning and I'm getting up to go pee. Good thing Davey turns off my reading light for me every night.

2) Books. I love books. I love, love, love, any sort of craft book. I've learned all about stained glass arts, jewelry making, bead making, candle making, wreath making, soap making (bars and liquid), scrapbooking (paper and digital), pillows, quilting, knitting, loom knitting, photography, kids crafts, crafts for pets, crafts for babies, jeez...just about everything you can think of, I've "studied it". One day I will put my love of all things crafty to use. One day. But, until then I will just say that I am thankful for all my great books and also for...

3) The Public Library System. I cannot even believe that I can just go on the internet, do a search for whatever book I want, and they will kindly send my books to the most convenient local library of my choice. All for free. How great is that? Now, sometimes they don't have the book I really, really, want and, rarely, there may be a bit of a line forming under the "requests" function but for a completely free service it is unbelievable. Often I will find I love the book so much I just have to have my own copy and then I turn to my on-line shopping cart at Chapters (to whom I am also grateful for their free and speedy shipping). But, for today, my shout-out of gratefulness is to the Library.

4) My fireplace. I am so lucky that I have a house with a fireplace. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch, with my legs up on Davey's lap, reading one of my many craft books, in front of the hot, crackling, fire. Dave wants to change it over to gas and I guess that will be okay, too, but I sure do love a real fire. It is so pretty and so nice and I am really thankful to have it.

5) Davey. I am very thankful for Davey. He is the best. He is such a great father and he is so involved with his girls. He does so much for them (too much, at times...I think), and a lot for me too. He is just always willing to "do stuff" for us. He used to always run to Tim Hortons every morning to get me a coffee...and he doesn't even drink coffee. He would go all that way just for me. He lets me put my huge, heavy, legs on top of him every night when we sit in front of our fire. He always helps me get my huge, heavy, butt off that couch at the end of the night -- he always, always, always, comes over with his hand out to help me up (actually, he does that even when I'm not pregnant). If there is ever something we really want...he'll get it for us. Even if it isn't always terribly practical or very cheap (my new mixer, my new food processor, my glass grinder...). He works very, very, hard for a living and I definitely appreciate that he works that hard for us, his family. His girls. He is a really pretty special, wonderful, guy and I am very, very, thankful for him. Love you, Davey. xo.

And that's my Thankful Thursday list of 5. What's yours??

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