Monday, November 10, 2008

And Baby Makes Three (girls!!)

OH it has been a busy, busy, few days! Of course, there was the ultrasound on Friday and then we had horse-back riding lessons on Saturday and lots of shopping/prep. to do for little Jamie James's birthday on Sunday, then there were the birthday festivities yesterday, and then I had to get my (stupid, frickin', aggravating, I-hate-that-couse-so-much-I-can't-tell-you) Landscape Construction homework handed in by midnight last night. Whew! It was bizz-eee. I was up until 2 in the morning on Friday night, and Saturday night, and I was up until 1 last night. I got my assignments handed in by midnight, but then I had a lot of internet window shopping (crafty stuff) to do {the Fairy Blogmother should really not be encouraging me in this area. I have enough craft stuff kicking around to choke a horse already}.

So, anyway, I must say that I ~still~ don't have any bloggy time! I have to work on my assignment for Landscape Design now, as well as my actual Landscape Design project...which is unfortunate because what I really want to do is snuggle up in front of the fire, re-lax, and read some craft books, maybe do some knitting, and also post a million pictures on my blog here.

But, for now, let me just quickly say that the 3-D Ultrasound appointment on Friday rocked. It was so completely cool, amazing, and wonderful. I got to lay back in a nice big reclining chair while Dave got comfy on the huge couch beside me and we both watched what was unfolding on the wide screen t.v. mounted on the wall in front of us. It was pretty surreal. You could see everything so well - count the toes, and the fingers, see the hair and, very clearly, see that we are having...


Yep, we make girls. I was wrong and the five of you who voted "girl" in my little poll were right. I can live with that. But, why...why little baby-girl one won't you let mommy enjoy her cup of coffee?? Maddie and Jamie both let me enjoy my one cup of Timmie's a day...but not you. That's okay. I'll forgive you because you are so completely adorable and cute already. You are in your 28th week and you are completely squished up inside of me. Your little legs are straight up in front of your head...all the time. Even when the Sonographer-man tried to wiggle your little legs away from your head, you weren't having any of it and there your toes stayed...right on top of the hair that is already on top of your little head. That made it hard for him to get nice, clear, shots of your face so he had to keep "slicing in" to the picture to cut out the area of your legs and try to just see your face (it was amazing to see what the equipment could do). And boy, or GIRL, can you kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick! Kick!

You do it all the time. The man doing the 3-D was laughing at how much you were kicking me. He was amazed. And, as we found out, my placenta is at the back so there is really no cushion between me and your feeties. I can see it, I can feel it, and you wake me up every night with it. But, again, that's cool.

'Cuz you're my little girl and I love you already.


Paula said...

CONGRATS!!!! That's wonderful news and those pictures are amazing! Having had my last baby just on the cusp before 3D imaging became popular I can only be jealous of other friends' stories... like yours! That's so awesome.

Shan said...

Dude you totally want to make button trees with me now don't you? Should I send you the link to the bow wreaths I found last night too? So pretty. Or the knitted Christmas ornaments!

And of course she is gorgeous!!!