Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday.

Everyday I get e-newsletters in my "mailbox". I don't even know how I managed to sign myself up for all these little notices, but some of them are pretty good. I always like getting the FamilyFun ones, the Beading ones (even though I haven't done any beading in ages - it's still fun to dream), and the pregnancy (i.e. "This week in your pregnancy...") ones. Dave pretty much just likes it when something new from Victoria's Secret rolls in. Although, he is a bit devastated right now as his favourite girl seems to have gone missing. Maybe she got too old. She probably turned 23, or something. Poor thing. Anyway, today I got something from Wondertime which is a fairly new magazine about parenting with thoughts on child development, recipe ideas, activities, that sort of thing. It said:

According to research in Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, regularly writing down what you're grateful for can increase your level of happiness by about 25 percent. (So can a chocolate martini, but we couldn't find that in the self-help aisle.)

Okay, i'm game. And since I can't have the chocolate martini (but, man, that does sound good) I'll go ahead and post 5 things I'm grateful for. I'd say this could be "Thankful Thursday" or something like that...but I tend not to ever stick to any of those sort of bloggy schedules (as much as I'd really like to). My pal Shan over at the Fairy Blogmother is the disciplined one, not me. Anyway...

Five Things I'm grateful for This Week:

1) I'm done work. Thank you baby Jesus.

2) I was kept up for an hour and a half last night by this kid inside of me kicking up a frickin' storm. How wonderful is that?

3) I just love my little family - they are all really pretty special people and I'm so lucky to have them.

4) My new truck. So nice. And so much less embarrassing to drive than my wagon was.

5) My friends. My oldest friend in the world who I hardly ever get to see, but who I know I could call up anytime and she would be there if I needed her. I've known her since I was not much older than Maddie. Incredible!

My distant friends who I hardly ever get to see, but who I still hold dear in my heart (one of them has a blog of her own, so that helps me to keep in touch with her life and keeps her in touch with mine. She is a really amazing person and and she has been so much support to me over these past few weeks, she'll never even know). The other one is a serious procrastinator and is beginning to tick me off, but I love her anyway.

My bloggy friend, and neighbour, who is much cooler than she even realizes (doncha' just love women like that?) and is one of the best moms I've ever known. She and I are destined for a rockin' night of debauchery one of these days...I can just feel it.

And, my "work" friends...some of which I don't actually even work with anymore, others left my work and then convinced me to come follow them. They're all the ones that you had so much fun with, you just can't put them behind you. You know?

Oh, and a special mention here to my "multi-tasking" former co-worker, my current co-worker, my match-maker, and my SIL. She's is such a wonderful person that you end up liking her despite the fact she used to model (and still could, except she is too busy being a total brainiac on top of it all).

Thanks to all of you for being who you are.

And...that will close out this week's (lol) Thankful Thursday.
If you wanna play along...let me know. I'd love to see your list.

Wanna see some pics of some of those friend's cute babies?


Paula said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing another great list. I can't believe what you were saying about Half Pint... Only because that's what people used to say about ME!! I'm not even joking. That's so funny. For me I think it was the freckles and the eyes. I think if she could trace back her heritage (which as far as I know she can't, since she's adopted) she would find she's half Asian, half Caucasian - which is what I am. Okay, I've obviously spent too much time thinking about this...

Shan said...

Ahhhh you are the sweetest thing ever! I'm so glad we hooked up. Or our girls hooked up. They have excellent taste, don't they.

Widney Woman said...

Awesome list!! I can hardly wait to meet Baby K. Or should I say Baby Corey?

I teared up part way through your list and the tears just kept flowing to the end. I love you too!!