Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween!! :)

Oh dear! It's been ages since I've written anything again. So much has been going on. For one thing...I'm done work. Thank gawd. With the first two girls I worked into my eigth month, but this has been a different pregnancy altogether. Between my constant back problems and finding out about my increased risk of pre-term labour the doctor and I agreed it was time to hang up my scrubs. Actually...I may still wear them since they are one of the few things that still fit. Anyway. It has been heaven. I'm in a place now (my house! ha ha ha) where if I get tired...I can just sit down. And, if I start getting cramps...I can even lay down. If my back gets sore...I can stop what I am doing. It's been really, really, great. And while certain people at work were put-out by my leaving the majority of them were really, really, super great and supportive. So, that has been wonderful, too. I'm 27 weeks this Friday (actually, I already had this weekend booked off for "holidays" and I have another coming up...both for the girls' birthdays) and I *hopefully* have 11 more weeks to go. I think that 11 weeks is best spent taking care of myself and my baby and I'm really glad and fortunate to have the opportunity to do that.

I had a little get-together with some of my best work gf's last Thursday to kind of cheer myself up about everything that has been going on and that was really nice. I figured, I may not be able to "entertain" too much in the coming months and I was lucky to be able to get them all together on such short notice (we've tried several times...for months...to all get together but there are always 2 or 3 or 4 of us who can't make it on any given day!!). So, I'll have to post some pics. for you later from those festivities. I'll tell you this much...there were a lot of babies and not a boy in the house.
But, for now, before it gets tooooo untimely...I'll just share some pics. from Hallowe'en '08!

(Davey's creation)
(My pumpkin. I just loved this pumpkin. Isn't it cute...in a creepy sort of way? Those are black roses for hair).

(Jamie with her kitty pumpkin and another one of Daddy's. That spider looked really cool lit up at night. I can't believe I forgot to get a proper pic. of it).
I started off the day by going to my girls' school to watch them in their parade. I could have sworn the note I got home said they were going to be walking around the school and that parents were welcome to come watch. But, when I got there nothing was going on. There didn't seem to be any parents hanging around and there were no signs of any kids in costumes. I waited in the truck for a (long, long) long time...I even watched them all go out for recess and then go back in again. Finally, I thought I'd better go in and ask what was happening but the lady in the office didn't know either. I did run into a couple of other parents there and we all just kind of chit chatted in the halls until finally the kids started to make their way around the halls.

They weren't parading outside of the school, which was kind of too bad because it was such a beautiful day and I'm sure they would have loved it. But, still, they seemed to have fun and I managed to get a couple of shots of the kiddos.

When it came time for Trick or Treating we met up with The Fairy Blogmother and her gang and while it wasn't quite dark, yet, when we left it sure was by the time we finished. It wasn't a long walk, really, but it was enough to tucker me and the little Pink Poodle out. I think the beautiful princess riding a unicorn could have gone all night, though. She wanted to head out further to go trick or treating at some of her other (more distant) friends houses. But, I think they have more than enough candy to last them until next year.

Hey! And, we'll have another little goblin by then! I wonder if it will be a witch or a wizard??

Friday we find out for sure. That's when we are going for the 3-D ultrasound!!!

(another one of mommy's pumpkins. Yes, I was big on using flowers for hair this year. These ones are real).
Happy Halloween!

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