Friday, January 21, 2011

Mommy Fail, January/11.

We kept the girls home from school today. Their school was having another trip to the ice rink and I don't really want them going on the ice without Dave and I there to help them (which we would, but we also have a baby Coco at home and only so many hands). So, we decided to have a fun family day, instead!

Despite the fact that The Hubs got no sleep last night, we got ourselves all ready today -showers, dressed up, camera charged, snacks and water ready, and packed ourselves into the truck for the trip out to The Butterfly Conservatory!!

We haven't been to see the butterflies since Jamie was Colie's age so the photo ops were going to be fabulous. It's a long drive, and a Freezing Cold trip from the parking lot to the front doors...but once you are in there it is fabulous. So warm and tropical with all the beautiful plants and gorgeous butterflies landing on everyone. Ahhhh. Love it.

Unfortunately,we never even ~thought~ to call first. I mean, of course they're open. Right?

Not so much.
"oh, maaaaan"

The girls still had a good laugh, though. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what has given them this mad case of the giggles...and caused them to start snapping photos like wild paparazzi.

It was a funny moment, though. You'll just have to take my word for that one.

And, me? Well, I had my new Vegan cookbook along, so I spent the better part of the trip trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight. So, it really wasn't a total loss.

(btw! Totally didn't get this book for the "weight loss" aspect, just the "healthy vegan cooking" aspect. I wish it had a different name...but it's a good cookbook, otherwise).

off to work-out now before posting "Fitness Friday"

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Shan said...

Oh that sucks you went all that way and it was closed. Oops! As for the skating, M and J's classes weren't even on the ice at the same times. The kids go in three groups. The two middle grades first, then the three older, then the two younger. Just for future reference.